As a business owner, one of the best ways I have grown and empowered myself was to become part of a Mastermind.  Watch this short video where I share....

What is a Mastermind? 

Great minds coming together to create amazing results.  By sharing, serving and gleaning insight from each other.  It's a powerful tool that can catapult your business to the next level if you are open to hearing new ideas, receiving feedback and implementing what feels right.  

Why a Mastermind?

Let's face it.  Being a business owner is a lonely road.  There are very few people who "get it." 

But when you  surround yourself with powerhouse people, you are are setting yourself up for success!

What I LOVE about a mastermind is that I can take all the feedback, all the ideas and filter it to fit my business best.  It truly is amazing what can happen when great minds come together to help, support and encourage each other. 

A Three Month Mastermind

✨ Meeting twice a month

✨ 90 minutes

✨Maximum 5 People

✨ Share your "hot topic" to get clarity, ideas, strategy or affirmation. 

✨Grow your network

✨Make lifelong friends


Let's Jumpstart Your 2022 goals!

Pick the day that's best for you!

Thursday Mastermind Group


11:30-1pm CST

Jan. 13 & 27

Feb. 10 & 24

March 10 & 24

Friday Mastermind Group


12-1:30pm CST

Jan. 14 & 28

Feb. 11 & 25

March 11 & 25


  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “If you’re considering a business coach you would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic and dedicated coach than Melissa!”

    Owner of Northstar Chiropractic

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “Melissa was a big part of my growth this year. She mentored me with my goal for local visibility, guided me with a plan, & coached me through my fears & held me accountable.”


  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “"Melissa has an intuitive way of listening that makes you feel heard and understood. Her calming demeanor combined with her relatability draws you out so you can work on the deep ‘stuff.’"”

    Owner of Aspire Insurance