Let's get real shall we?   

I'm kind of a tough love lady & here's what I know about you...

You've been a business awhile, heck maybe even a few years - but somehow you've lost your mojo. Clients aren't coming as easy. Contracts aren't being signed & your profit margins?  Do businesses really have them?  

You've listened to all the things. Podcasts, books, webinars, conferences, YouTube videos, and IGTV's. You're pulled in so many different directions of what you "should" or "could" do that you don't know what to do. 

Your overwhelmed, stressed out, & let's be real -

You Want Your Time Back

Hey there, I’m Melissa - Your Visibility Coach. 

I've been there, done that, and I SO get it.  

As a dance educator for over 20 years & brick and mortar business owner for 12 years. I understand first hand this crazy road of entrepreneurship.  The freakin' emotional roller coaster of coming off the best month ever only to be borrowing money from my kids savings account to pay the rent.  #truth.

But then, in 2015, I got sick & tired of being sick & tired & did something to change it.

I Decided. 


You see, I wasn't growing a business, I was "playing business."  and I realized real quick that if I was going to be able to provide for me & my five (yes 5) kiddos, things were going to have to change. 

So I got really resourceful.  I learned, I did, I tweaked and I kept showing up - consistently.  And I grew my business over 20% that first year.  

And every year after growing over 20%


Investing in Myself

I'm Telling You...

You can totally build a highly lucrative business without compromising your personal life or family time.

Our one on one coaching session really helped me to get organized and execute a plan to move forward in growing my business. She gave me specific strategies and suggestions for HOW to do it. She shares her expertise, knowledge and fun, loving energy. If you are a busy female entrepreneur, and feeling overwhelmed by trying to manage ALL THINGS life & business, I highly recommend hiring her as your business coach! You will NOT regret it! - Dr. Kaitlin Haider

Why a Coach? 

You have to work ON your business. Not IN it. 

You need a mentor who's been through this already and understands what's at stake as you take the leap to the next level. 

As a successful business owner,  I understand that running a profitable business can be very daunting at times with all the hats that pull our focus and attention.

And I’m here to help. 

I'll guide you to help you clarify your goals, decide what you should do and hold you accountable. Challenging you, & opening your mind to what's possible.

But here's the dirty  little secret ~ 

It's Up to You to Decide. 

Dream          Decide         Do         Document

These are the four pillars of my personalized coaching.

We are going to dive deep into your business and get you more clients coming in your doors. 

Are you Passionate?  Are You Committed? Are You Ready?

Run Your Business Like a Boss!

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"Melissa helped me pinpoint the areas that were holding me back from growing my business. She created a solid game plan and was able to keep me accountability while I worked through each process."

Create Your Epic Life.




By creating a business that works for you, you will be able to have the time, energy & resources you need to create the life of your dreams.  

I'm here to help you get there!

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “Melissa is amazing! Business just seems to come natural to her when it come to dialing in on what your needs are. She is a wealth of knowledge that offers great value to my business.”


  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “I have been working with Melissa for business coaching for a couple months now and it was one of the smartest decisions I could have made. I am running a fairly new business from scratch, and during COVID, I knew extra help would be beneficial. She has great insights, has helped narrow my needs, and has helped me clarify pieces of my business that I had been struggling with such as niche, bio, networking, and soul-aligned marketing. With her guidance and support, I feel more confident and hopeful that my vision will come to reality. ”