30 Min. Coaching Call

Your running a business on a five lane highway.

You're managing the passion, the systems, the marketing, finances and maybe even a small team.

You're a go getter and you think you're on the right highway...but you're not sure what the right exit is to your destination. 

You need someone that can see a few miles down the road that can tell you what exit to take. 

Getting you to your destination quicker, without taking the scenic route or running out of gas. 

Someone to help you navigate the route safely so you can focus on what you do best. 













If this sounds like you, then a strategy session is your ticket. 

In 60 minutes together we'll dive into your business, your needs, goals, challenges and successes. 

You'll leave our conversation with ideas and an action plan to make them happen. 

Getting you back on the road to success you deserve!

"After listening to Melissa, I realized I need to think and make adjustments to highlight my "1" thing that we do really well to attract more customers. It has helped a lot."