Save My Seat

To the Business Owner...

✨ Who's tired of dull and drab marketing and ready for a boost to highlight a brand that's vibrant

✨ Who's pulling her hair out with mundane results

✨ Who's sick of tame and ready to tease up + tackle crazy goals

✨ And who's ready to make heads turn with a brand that's on point!


Save My Seat


When people ask how'd I grow my business, I laugh + tell them

"I took the scenic route."

My business was  launched without me even knowing it in 2009. With 3 kiddos under five, I started teaching dance lessons out of my 800 square foot basement.  While they napped I did the “office work” + I taught while the kiddos played in the pack + play.  

Fast forward a few years, + my side hustle had grown into well over a hundred students coming into my home to learn the art of dance. I had a great thing going.

Purpose + Passion + Paychecks. 

Then... life happened.  

In 2015, my husband of 15 years came home + asked for a divorce.  We'd five young children at the time ages 11 down to 2 years old.  This mama needed to figure out real quickly how I was going to make my little side hustle provide for a family of six. 

There were growing pains, but over the next 5 years I expanded my business into a custom-built second location + grew into a team of 14. Before I knew it, other small business owners began asking “how are you doing it all?”

The truth is...I wasn't. 

I was doing way too much (as in… taking my laptop into the bedroom and working after the kids went to bed, and then waking up at 4:30am to work again). 

But over time, I learned how to delegate, leverage, + grow...without giving up every last second of my life. I let go of doing all the things, + created a life that I wake up excited about. Every. Single. Day.

Today, I still own two studio locations, host The Brick and Mortar Visibility Podcast, am growing a thriving online business + am super mama to my five awesome kiddos. 

My passion is to help other small business owners navigate through the hurdles of scaling their service based brick + mortar business + raising a family. 

My goal is that you wake up to your EPIC life EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 

I’ve been where you are before + I'm here to tell you.

There IS a better way. 







My new life is slightly unrecognizable in comparison

...and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I'm often found at the hockey rink (yes, even in the summer), the cutest local coffee shop or cozied up in my home office on a zoom meeting.

In short, I equip women to build a life and businesses they dream of and my mission is to be a positive part of people’s stories.

Save My Seat
Save My Seat