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Who, Where & What:  A place where our community can find health & wellness businesses who serve the St. Croix Valley all in one spot!

Why: Collaborating with other similarly focused businesses compounds our marketing efforts.  Stop shouting, trying to be heard above the noise and be part of a resource that's in high demand. Amplify and Grow your business with the marketing efforts you're already doing to serve our community on an even broader spectrum. 

How: Simply say YES! and we'll promote your business to our growing community by highlighting you on our website, our socials, our group, and through paid digital advertising. 

We Do Better

When We Work Together 

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Our Mission for Healthy in the Valley

To Encourage & Empower Our Community to Make Choices about their Health & Wellness that Support Them & the Local Businesses Around Them So Our Entire Community Can Thrive.  

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Connecting our Community to the Health and Wellness Resources You Offer!

More Visibility   

Get in front of more of your ideal clients by linking arms with other like minded businesses who are passionate about health and wellness.   

More Impact

Improve your business by collaborating with other like minded business owners to create a more impactful & effective influence on the community. 

More Freedom  

Less time spent marketing your business means more time freedom for you, your team & your family!

"Easy to participate; didn't require a lot of time or effort to coordinate. Great concept!" - Dr. Kaitlin Haider, owner of Fit PT

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"A smart way to connect with our families in the St. Croix Valley" -Dr. Jen Schupe owner of Croixview Family Chiropractic

"I signed up for Healthy in the Valley to gain more client visibility.  What I didn't expect was how the visibility could also grow my team.  Within the first month of being featured in Healthy in the Valley we had two potential team members reach out to us."  - Ashley LaBore, owner of Align Optimal Wellness


"I received three new clients directly from the quarterly publication of Healthy in the Valley! Awesome and thankful.  

But what I love most about Healthy in the Valley is getting to know other fabulous business owners - what they do and who they serve - so I can be a better resource for my dance community - referring them to the best place possible." - Melissa Rose, Owner of The Dancing House and host of Brick + Mortar Visibility podcast.  

"The concept of all businesses promoting the publication to work as a collective. The concept of finding clients that valued wellness and connecting them with businesses who are like minded." - Chris Richmond, owner of Awaken for Wellness


"This is so smart because you all are in the same industry. I like this a lot.  For this niche, I think this is brilliant!" - Stacy Tuschl, business & marketing consultant and host of "Well Oiled Operations" podcast. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to think of everything, but if you still have questions email

Are You A Marketing Agency?

Short answer, no. 

However, our goal is to amplify your marketing efforts so that more people know about your business. 


1. Healthy in the Valley is a resource for the community to download where they can find amazing resources all in one place. 

2. The Healthy in the Valley team will email the latest edition to our growing list of people.  

3. The Healthy in the Valley team will also highlight, share and repost any social media that you publish so that your efforts are amplified during your sixth month feature. 

4. HITV Team will also be paying for advertising so that your marketing efforts are going farther faster!

5. Each member of Healthy in the Valley is also sharing the download of exclusive offers to their network. 

What should my one page ad contain?

Something you give your people in order to get them in the door.  Maybe a discount, a free trial or a gift with purchase. 

Use this opportunity to promote your upcoming seasonal promotion so there is even more of a reason for the public to grab their copy of Healthy in the Valley.   

Why Would I Promote My Competitor?

That is a great question and one that we get a lot. 

Your brand serves a particular client with a certain pain point.  So does your competitor.  

By creating a directory, we are making it easier for your ideal client to find you so you can serve them well. 

Remember - your vibe attracts your tribe.  When your hands are open, you are able to receive. 

How do people receive the HITV Guide?

Because this is a download that the general public can request, an email is needed to give it to them. 

However, each business owner at the platinum level will receive a digital copy of HITV.

Participating business owners are encouraged to share the latest HITV with their community.  By giving their community the pdf of other health and wellness practitioners in the community, it makes their clients even more loyal because you are serving your clients even better.

What are My Expectations?

Deadline to Apply is September 30th, 2023 

Once you pick a level of advertisement you'll be sent a confirmation email of what is needed.  All materials are due October 5th,  2023 and we'll take care of the rest.

Where do people find the "Healthy in the Valley" Directory?

The more people that see "Healthy in the Valley" the better for you and your business. We highly recommend sharing it on your social channels, email list, blog, website and newsletter.

Our current audience will be emailed the latest edition directly to their inbox once it's live.

New friends of Healthy in the Valley can download the latest guide on our website, engage in our  Facebook Group and our Instagram page.

Where is the VIP Group?

Calling ALL health and wellness business owners!

You're warmly welcomed to join the Healthy in the Valley movement. Head over to our Facebook Group, where you're free to share your classes, workshops, webinars, and more at any time. Seize this chance and kindly spread the word within your community.

Together, let's ignite a transformation in the St. Croix Valley, empowering everyone to embrace a life of vibrancy and fulfillment in mind, body, and soul. Your contribution can make all the difference! 🌟

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"It was great to be part of a resource with other health professionals in the area!" - Autumn Enloe, Registered and Licensed Dietician & Certified LEAP Therapist

  • *******

    “"I am delighted that HITV has helped to connect me with other amazing practitioners who are dedicated to health and wellness. The connections and collaborations are endless!"”

    CEO, Align Optimal Wellness

  • *******

    “To be alongside these fabulous businesses who serve our community so well a privilege. It's my honor so support them and refer them. ”

    Owner of The Dancing House

  • *******

    “The concept of all businesses promoting the publication to work as a collective. The concept of finding clients that valued wellness and connecting them with businesses who are like minded. ”

    Owner of Awaken for Wellness

  • *******

    “"So much great information for people!"”

  • *******

    “It was great to be part of a resource with other health professionals in the area! ”

    Autumn Enloe Nutrition

  • *******

    “Easy to participate; didn't require a lot of time or effort to coordinate. Great concept!”

    Owner of Fit PT

  • *******

    “The exclusively and the high quality businesses ”

    Owner of Croixview Family Chiropractic