In the Nitty Gritty Podcast

#61 Create the Business Plan that Works!

Hey Rebel Woman!

Happy Wednesday.  We're continuing our 💥 Make Your Business Boom Series💥  and this weeks topic is all about...

wait for it....

Business Plans. 

Oh the beauty of a business plan. Are they needed? How do you even create one? Do they really work? 

Short answer - Yes. 

But I'm not going to lie.  Sometimes they are hard to create and map out.  And let's be real... and then life throws a curve ball into the plan. 

Whether you're starting out, ready to up level your …

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#60 Just Ask For It!😳

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We're taking a little break from our "Make Your Business Boom!" series to share with you this gem, !

We can do all the prospecting, marketing, nurturing, and fancy sales… but ultimately we need to ask for what we want ladies.

Be specific in what you want and freakin’ ask for it.

And that's exactly what I did to have Erin Pride on this podcast.

For those of you that don’t know, Erin is a power house in the dance education world. Erin teaches dancers how to make money using their gifts, e…

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#59 The Keeper of the Books & The Power of Knowing Your Numbers


It's tax season!

A reality check of how your business did last year.   In crystal clear black and white numbers. 

But here's the deal, your taxes give a you a picture of what happened.  

I want you to know what is going on right now in your business, so that you can make your business boom!💥

Welcome back to another episode of ITNG .

So let me ask you, do you know your numbers?

Your black and white real numbers so that you can make your business boom?💥

One of the first people I tell m…

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#58 3 People You Need

Hey Rebel Woman!

It's February 3rd and we're kicking it off with a killer new series, !  Make Your Business Boom💥

As a brick and mortar business owner who has created an online platform as well, I help other badass women who want to creategrow and scale their dream.  In this series I let my hair down, and let's be real, there's a lot of it. I'm sharing with you my personal story of what worked AND what didn't.  😳

In future Make Your Business Boom💥  episodes, you're going to hear f…

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#57 ITNG is #1


No matter if it's a real life baby, or a business, or in this case a podcast, that first year is HUGE!

The learning, the growing, the stretching, the figuring it out and a few sleepless nights.  

It’s been a huge, EPIC year in all the ways. But creating In The Nitty Gritty was a true highlight for me, and kept the fun in 2020. From creating content, to recording to sharing it with you all… I loved it all!

So... a HUG…

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#56 Lower Your Standards

Hey there !

Today's a big day.

No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, today we inaugurate our first WOMAN Vice President.🇺🇸


Thinking she didn't get there by sitting quietly in the corner. 

She was big, bold and brave... 

Stepping out sooner. 

Learning longer.

And executing on the extra. 

A bit of a Rebel. 

With just enough badass to make her kickass.

And guess what ?

So are you!

Juggling all the things.  Growing a business, raising a family and loving your tr…

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#55 Whatcha Reading?📚

We as beautiful humans, have moments in our journey that catapult us to new territory. Good, bad and ugly. 

One of those moments for me was 2016.

"Life happened" and I stopped playing business, and started doing it.

I read, listened, watched, learned and applied. 

And this book is a gem that I continue to re-read, re-fresh and re-energize myself for the new year.  It's a game changer to running a profitable business. Key work y'all, profitable.  If you haven't read it, grab my growing …

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#54 Are You Coachable🤷🏻‍♀️

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It's a legit question .  And let me be real... I wasn't very coachable in the beginning of my business.  

(It's one of the first questions I ask future clients.) 

I joke that I can coach anyone who is coachable. Kidding, not kidding.

When someone is open to learning, and accepting of the advice given, and takes action, they truly can do anything!

That's exactly what this powerhouse did! 

Dr. Kaitlin Haider is a women’s health physical therapist.Opening her doors in 2020, she's skyro…

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#53 Brené Brown and me....

In Brené Browns book Dare to Lead, there are so MANY great nuggets (obvs, because she's brilliant) but the one I want to talk about here is values.

She says we have ultimately two values that we abide by in life, or are the compass for us to help us navigate this winding journey of life. They may change during the different seasons of life, but ultimately they keep us anchored, grounded, and rooted in who we are and how we lead.

What’s your word of the year?  

CLICK HERE to listen to the po…

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#52 My Top 10 Goals Setting Tips

Add a heading

It's December 23rd today! 


We have about 7 days yet to the end of  the year, and for some, the thought of throwing in the towel sounds lovely.  

"Put a fork in me. I'm done."


"It's the most wonderful time of the year."   

Well....yes and no right? 

It's definitely different.  

I love the traditions, the running around delivering gifts, the singing, the church service, the food, and the kids sitting all together in the same room for more than 5 minutes loving each other and…

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