One on One Coaching for the Rebel Woman

It's all about YOU!

Sugar.  You haven't created a business, you've a J.O.B. 

Let's get real.

You're not loving your life right now.  And it's because of your business. 

It's not the unlimited income and time freedom you thought you were signing up for.  You didn't mind a little hard work or sleepless nights in the beginning.  But now it's starting to resent the fact that your business is keeping you up at night and effecting your most important VIP's.  

But what would it feel like if your business looked like this? 

  • Clarity in where you're going.
  • Clients chasing you down versus you chasing them. 
  • Consistency in all aspects of your business
  • Confidence, knowing that you're dreams are going to happen.

Sound good?  Like you took a deep breath saying, " OMG - yes please."


With your customized One on One Program with Melissa Rose you get the individual attention you deserve on your personal business. 

What does that mean?

  • Two 30 minute zoom calls with Melissa to dive deep into your needs.
  • Unlimited voxer access to ask those questions that come up while your in the shower or on the road.
  • Access to my monthly masterminds. 
  • A 12 or month commitment. 

Running a business is hard enough.  Don't do it alone.  

Let's Do This!🙌🏻

"If you’re considering a business coach you would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic and dedicated coach than Melissa! She is constantly growing herself forward in pursuit of her own greatness. She has a gifted way of sharing that knowledge and helping you apply it to your business and life."