Here's a few of my faves to help me run my business like a boss. My team or I use them daily. 

 I do get a small kick back deposited in my bank account for each link used.  And for that, I say Thank You!

Attention coaches, consultants, trainers, and influencers and brick and mortar businesses.

Simplero gives you all the tools you need to build and grow a successful online education business all in one place.   

I use simplero for my brick and mortar business, my online business.  Website, email lists, sales pages, memberships, courses, products, and so much more.    

Seriously - your one stop shop!  Easy to use and the back office help is impressive!

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Graphic Design Software

The Free Straightforward Design Software. Design Anything In Minutes With Canva. Create An Account. Explore Blog. View Features. Highlights: App Available, Design Size Guide Available, Demo Available.

Use this link for your free trial.

Get your customized "dashboard" done for you by Simon.  He'll create a customized spreadsheet so you know exactly what your business is capable of! No more crossing your fingers and toes and "hoping it works!" 

After your customized spreadsheet is done, you will know exactly how much to raise your prices, whether you can hire, how much you can hire, if you need to upgrade your location or invest in your current place, and every other question you have. 

It's an essential document that will give you so much peace of mind. 

Schedule your complimentary call.  

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Studio Management Software

What is DanceStudio-Pro?

Student, class, teacher, payment, event and item management for dance studios. Apple and Google Play apps available.

Best For

DanceStudio-Pro is designed to support the single teacher dance studio up to the multi-location, mutli-teacher environment. Anyone that needs student, class and teacher management.

Click HERE to fill out form and put Melissa Rose,  THE DANCING HOUSE, Hudson, WI as the referral. 
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Your podcast's   

publishing platform

Record your audio and upload it to Transistor.
We'll help you distribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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Get hand picked groceries delivered from your favorite local stores. Terms apply. Select, schedule, and sit back with same-day delivery or pickup.

$10 off your first order!