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Ladies, let's get real...

Growing a family & scaling a profitable brick & mortar or service based business is no small feat - No matter how early you wake up or how much caffeine you drink.  #truth. 

Hey there boss babes, I’m Melissa Rose, and I’m here to inspire, empower and lead you to the best version of YOU!

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Friend, I'm gonna let my hair down. (see pic.)

I totally get that running a business can be overwhelming at times with all the hats we wear as moms & business owners.  But - I believe we don't have to choose kids or career.  We can do both - setting an amazing example to our kiddos that the dream IS possible.  Even while wearing a messy bun & yoga pants. 

As a passionate owner of a brick & mortar dance studio, I saw an opportunity to scale my business online through courses & memberships. Since that decision in 2016, my revenue has grown by over 20+% every single year. 

Now a business coach, I guide ambitious women who juggle all the things go from chaos to clarity through consistent action.  Helping you create a business that runs for you, giving you the ultimate in time & financial freedom.

Ready to dive in?  

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"During my 20 minute call she listened & helped me come up with action steps that will help me reach my goals. At the end of our call I felt energized & ready to kick my business into high gear! Thank you Melissa!" 
- Kim Benoy
  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “Melissa has an intuitive way of listening that makes you feel heard and understood. Her calming demeanor combined with her relatability draws you out so you can work on the deep ‘stuff.’ Melissa has a special gift of offering a fresh perspective, honest and valuable input, observation and feedback. You’ll walk away with a renewed focus, actionable next steps, and a smile on your face!”

    Owner of Aspire Insurance

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “"Melissa is a great listener, & through this she was able to help me see my strengths. She has consumed a wealth of information regarding owning your own business & knows what tools you need to succeed."”

    Owner of Evolution Dance Concept

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “If you’re considering a business coach you would be hard-pressed to find a more authentic and dedicated coach than Melissa! She is constantly growing herself forward in pursuit of her own greatness. She has a gifted way of sharing that knowledge and helping you apply it to your business and life. I’ve had many coaches and mentors throughout my life and all of them have one thing in common. They help you identify those blind spots you’re not aware of and give you the tools and motivation to crush through those barriers. This is what I see in Melissa; a coach who is dedicated, authentic, and inspirational! You won’t be disappointed.”

    Owner of Northstar Chiropractic

  • Ms. Melissa Rose

    “After listening to Melissa speak, I realized I need to think and make adjustments to highlight my "1" thing that we do really well to attract more customers. It has helped a lot.”

    CEO, SES Renovation