Private Lessons

Whether you are just starting out, or want tools, tips and tactics to take your dancing to the next level - private lessons are a great way to get there.


"I love how you explain it!"

"You tell us exactly what muscles we should be feeling & how we need to engage them so we can dance even bigger!" 

And that's why you work with a coach!

Here at The Dancing House, we excel in teaching proper technique so that dancers can have a full and healthy dance career - at any age.  

We give students focused and energetic time filled with hands-on corrections, metaphors and analogies, strength and conditioning exercises, topped off with a healthy dose of positive encouragement!

Dancers walk out of their coaching session with a new vibrance in their dancing because they are quickly able to level up and confidently walk into their next class, audition or performance. 

**** When you book on this platform, all private lessons will be done with Ms. Melissa, owner of The Dancing House. Most appointments are scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.  If you'd like to work with a different teacher or a different availability, please reach out to and Karen will connect you to another one of our fabulous staff. 

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