Not my ideal stats...


Let's play a little game.  Do you know the answer to this little trivia question? 

What Profession has the Highest Rate for Divorce? 



Middle school math teachers?

um, nope. 

The answer?

Dancers and choreographers!  Yup.  We get the title for the #1 divorced profession. That statistic according to this USA today article.

How's that for some happy-news-worthy-information. Great talk while we're stretching on the floor with our colleagues or students. 


I read that list of "high risk" professions a few years ago... after I had become a tic added to the statistic.  It made me pause big time and think about it. Question my reality.  Was I destined to get divorce?  Had I known this prior to getting married would I have set up better boundaries? Would I even have gotten married in the first place? 

The list of questions could go on and on - along with all the other baggage that comes with it. But the reality stays the same.

I'm a divorced mama: who is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and business owner.

However, I want to share a bit of my hopes that it encourages or inspires you or someone you know who needs it. Many times people are put into a situation that catapults them into life situations that are unimaginable.  That moment will always shape us.  But HOW it shapes us is the important question. 

About about four years ago, I was going through the trenches of life that shattered my family apart.  Embarrassed, humiliated, and utterly scared. 

Scared that I would loose students/families of TDH if they found out I was going through a divorce. I kept it super quiet. No one knew except some very close friends. I was so embarrassed that my marriage failed, and afraid people would think “she must be crazy” because she has the “perfect” life. (at least that's what appeared on the outside.)

Why would anyone send their children to take dance with me?

I was so scared.

Shortly after the process of divorce started a friend told me that my story would bless someone else. At that time I laughed at them because I couldn’t see straight let alone think that I could be a blessing to somebody else during that awful time.

And yet, here we are. Last fall I was asked to share my story. Eeek.  Super scary and vulnerable.

The story is not about the divorce -

It's about pursuing your dreams and goals in spite of great challenges.  

Man, how much has changed. Yes on outside...but big time on the inside.  So I invite you to take a listen while you’re running your errands, shuttling kiddos or in between classes.  It's only 20 minutes. 

So grab your earbuds and enjoy this special interview.








PS.  Please share with someone who may need some encouragement.  If YOU need some love, hit reply.  



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