Well, She didn't have to say that...

It's one thing when you work your tail off and crush some goals... but it's a whole other can of "Hell Yes!" when someone else recognizes publicly what you did! 

Whether it's a boss, a colleague, a friend or even your mom.  It all feels pretty awesome.  

Last week I had the privilege of being a guest on "Double Your Sales Now!" Podcast with Urusual Mentjes.


I've known Ursula for about 3 years.  And when I say "known," it's actually more like, I saw her speak 3 years ago and then did a workshop with her. 

Ursula is a gifted speaker, talented coach, and hard working entrepreneur and I liked her right away. (She is a farm girl after all.)

Working in the corporate world, Ursula grew companies with epic results. Now she's coaching other businesses & entrepreneurs to do the same and is a kick ass keynote speaker for events around the world. 

On her podcast, she allows her guests to share the insides of their businesses.  Specifically, the limiting beliefs they had around selling before they doubled or had a huge growth spurt in their business, and how they feel about selling after. Listening to other people grow their businesses to crazy proportions, and then mindset and strategies they use to get to the next level is not only great learning, but super inspiring. 

Basically - it's Exactly what I need to be putting in my ears. 

So I reached out to be a sponsor for her podcast for three reasons.

  1.  It was a way of giving back to her for so much wisdom & insight she has given me over the past few years.
  2. To get the word out about TDH Virtual Dance on Demand and the other amazing things The Dancing House has to offer this world.
  3. And let's be real. She has a huge following.  

Well, throughout the the on boarding  process of becoming a sponsor, she learned about my recent highlights and invited me to be on her show.


For Realz!?


What could I possibly say that hasn't been said already by people way more educated & experienced?  Really.  I'm just doing what I learned from other amazing people. 

(imposter syndrome...)

Well, it was launched this week and I have to say, I'm kinda pumped! (click the image to hear)

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 6.04.21 AM.png


In the thirty minute interview I share a few tips, strategies and genuine raw moments of owning my business, The Dancing House.

So whether you're a business owner, or you aspire to be one, I encourage you to take a listen on your next walk, (or shoveling of snow for you locals) - running errands or folding laundry.  

If you enjoy it, please rate it in iTunes and consider writing a review. It would mean the world to Ursula. 

You can grab the link to the podcast Here!

I genuinely hope you learn something new & find it encouraging! If you'd like to learn a little more, grab my 3 tips for growing your business!

Now, go crush your day!



Ps.  As always, the best conversations happen over in my Private FB Group.  I come in live every Friday at 10:30am CST to talk further about this weeks blog. Consider joining us.  We're kinda cool. 


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