"I can't do this anymore!"

There is a bit of a theme happening these past few weeks.

Maybe it's because I'm really feeling it. My studio is growing, and I'm hiring and outsourcing more then I ever have.  And I'm realizing I just can't do it all, nor do I want to do all the things anymore.

As a studio owner or dance teacher you're probably in the thick of it right now.  The end of the dance season is rolling in, and it's all hands on deck with recital, summer planning, fall registration, guest teachers, new spaces, hiring teachers, etc. 

Maybe you're realizing you could, or should have better systems in place.  Shoot.  Add it to the list for next year. 

But will you? 

I hear this all the time.  In every book I'm reading, I'm being hit upside the head with "You need to have systems." What can be made into a system?  "Write down everything you do, so that it can become a system." 

Systems.  As a business owner, we want them, we rely them, and in order to truly grow past ourselves, it's a necessity. 

But where do we even start.  

A Business Coach. 

Just like a great athlete is always working with a coach, a good business owner has someone to guide them, keep your mindset in the right place as well as keep you from being swallowed up in the weeds of entrepreneurship.

Ideally, a Dance Studio Business Coach if you're a dance studio.  Someone who's done it, and done it well, to lead you to your next level.  

I follow a few great dance coaches & educators in the dance world.  All of my favorites have great platforms that they share their knowledge and expertise. Some have courses, memberships or even fabulous masterminds. 

But today I want to highlight Shannon Wilson of the Studio Coach.

Studio Coach Logo.jpg

Why?  A few reasons.  

#1. Shannon has a Fabulous Blog!

I started following Shannon about two years ago via her blog.  And I genuinely look forward to hearing from her every Thursday.  And that's a big compliment.  How many blogs do you open up every time they come into your inbox?

(I hope this one is at the top of your list.)

Every single blog gives me simple, yet effective actionable items that I have implemented in my studio.  And they work!

#2. One on One Coaching.

Another reason I love about Shannon is that she specializes in working one on one with dance studios. She says,"I provide the left brain help and support for right brained people."

Shannon believes each studio is unique (YES!)

- and the areas they may need support in are also unique (TRUE!)

- and there is not a magic pill that fixes studio business programs. (Can I get an AMEN!) 

Things need to be catered to each studio and studio owner's personality. (Boom!  That is why I love her!)

I Totally Agree.  

Shannon has done everything there is to do with the studio business - built a business from the ground up, struggled, grew that business, sold that business, bought another dance studio and is doing it all over again.

Not sure what you need?  Here are a few of Shannon's areas of expertise.  Facebook Marketing, Systemization, Exit Strategy, Retention and Teacher Training, all while focusing on growth of the business.

Interested in seeing if Shannon might be right for you and your studio? Grab her Free Studio Assessment.  After she receives your assessment, a complimentary call will be scheduled to review your needs and desires and discuss how she can help.


Get some knowledgable expertise to help take your dance studio business to the next level.

Shannon also does one time calls can be scheduled for $175/hour or $90/half-hour.  3 and 6 month packages available. 

Have I piqued your interest? 

Well here's the #3 reason why you're gonna love Shannon!

She's offering a special just for you guys!  My tribe!  

A 3 Month Package - Includes 2 50-min calls per month, access to my Studio Owner Training Vault and other resources related to their needs.  Regular cost is $750.  If you sign up through this link, you'll receive a one-time $250 discount for a total of $500. That an awesome deal you guys! 

 Claim your special offer here!  

Sometimes its hard to ask for help.  Or to admit that you don't have all your ducks in a row. 

I'm guilty.  But working with a coach has helped me clarify my goals and strategies for my business. And Shannon has my vote of confidence in helping you grow to the studio of your dreams. 

How do I know?  She's my newest coach! 

Who's joining me?

Now go grab that amazing offer!




Ps.  Not a dance studio owner?  Business coaches are all over. They hold your feet to the fire, get your head game in the right space, and help with tactical strategies that will help you grow stronger and faster.  Look around in your niche, and I'm sure you'll find some great coaches.  Do your research.  No one is perfect.  But I guarantee, you can learn from everyone.  Remember, no one grew from comfort zones. 


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