How to avoid the Summer Slump?

I'm not sure about you, but as I'm scrolling though my feed, I'm seeing a theme in my network and in the dance educator groups I belong to. 

Summer is Coming. 

Actually, the better term is looming... there is a sense of tension and worry, with fist clenched and breaths being held. 

Anyone else feeling it? 

It's no surprise that studios can experience a summer slump.  People are taking vacations and traveling so their schedules aren't as consistent and sometimes, let's be real, people just want a break.  And quite frankly, so do you. 

But You Still Have Bills to Pay, Right? 

There are lots of creative ways to create extra revenue in your studio during the year to give you that buffer during the slower months.  There are already some great blogs out there that give you some awesome ideas. 

But all these ideas have one thing in common: they exchange time for money. 

What if YOU work smarter? 

What if you could get paid over and over for something you created once?  

Sounds pretty fabulous right?  

I've been doing this so long throughout my life that I forget that most people work 1 hr of time = 1 hr of pay. 

It was over twenty years ago when I learned about residual income and getting paid over and over for the work you did once. I saw the residual income model presented to me through a MLM company and I was sold.  

Since then I have incorporated this idea and made my own version of it, in my brick and mortar dance studio, The Dancing House.  I have created both memberships and courses in my business and it has been game changing for me and I know it can be for you too. 

This model is not only growing my studio's revenue, but other colleagues are noticing and wanting to learn more.  Because of my expertise in running an online membership and curriculum in dance, I was recently was featured  on few different dance and business related podcasts.
When people learn of what I do, I am consistently asked the same questions about how, why and when did I take my brick and mortar to the online world and how they could do it too. 

You know, questions like:  

  • What should I create?
  • How long is this going to take me? 
  • How much money do I need? 
  • How long before I see a return?
  • Do I need an email list? 
  • How do I keep track of all the details? 
  • What tools or software do I use?  

Don't you wish you could just sit and have a cup of coffee, or lunch with someone who was successful online to pick their brain?

So how about this?  
Four coffee dates with me.  
Actually, better make it lunch. 'Cuz I'm going to give you a lot to chew on.

I've created a four day video training that shares with you the tips, tools and effective strategies that I use daily to grow my businesses.  We're going to talk customers, marketing, sales funnels, growing your list, nurturing your list, tools and software. 

PLUS, I even have real action items, (a.k.a. homework) that will not only be effective for your future online business (if you decide to take that route) but also provide great value for your brick and mortar business with strategies that you can implement right now, as in TODAY. 
So it's a WIN WIN!
This video series is valued at $97, and it's worth every penny.  But because summer is coming, and let's face it, funds might be a little tight, I'm offering it to you, my tribe for $44.  
4 videos
4 trainings
4 lunch dates
4 tips, tools and action items and more
For only $44!
The video series is awesome.  But if FREE is more your style, no judgment here. I've got you covered too. CLICK HERE!
Here's to making the only slumping we'll do this summer is slumping into a lawn chair, with our feet up and a tasty beverage in our hand! 
PS.  Annnnd, because you made it to here! I have an awesome special gift just for you! CLICK HERE! 



yambi huan

Agree completely with working smarter,

Recently started my own micro digital agency DZYNIN- Dzynin- Micro Agency Dance Studios

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Melissa Rose

Congrats on your agency!  Just took a peek.  Let me know how I can support you.  You're helping people who need it most!  

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