My Top 10 Blog Posts

It's Been a Year! 

A Whole Flippin' year of writing a blog every week. 

A whole year of waking up at 5am on Wednesday morning to create content that usually consisted of my personal experiences in the world of "Dance Studio Ownership." 

You guys, I would never call myself a writer.  I never journaled or kept a diary - I could barely put together a to do list that was cohesive... and that's just a list. 

What in the world was I thinking that I could create a blog? 

Well, sometimes I don't think. I just do.  

Here's the deal.

The whole reason I started a blog was to create weekly content that would direct people back to my BoogieFit Curriculum, my pet project at my studio. 

It was a strategy that I was choosing to use, and I had no clue if it would work or if I would even like it.   But I was taught that I need to put out weekly content, and I didn't have a podcast yet, so blogging for me was the answer. 

So a year ago, April 15th, 2018 I wrote my very first blog and I haven't looked back. 

I remember trying to "research" what dance studio owners and teachers would want to hear. 

So I would ask them questions in Facebook groups and when I was out and about.  I created blog posts about tactical ideas and strategies that they could implement right now. Ideas that I thought they would like and appreciate.  

These posts were always harder for me to write. Who was I to tell you "how do to their business?" 

(Cue imposture syndrome, then more research, then more imposture syndrome.) 

But I also wrote about my own personal struggles, insecurities and learning lessons.  The highs and lows... and aha moments and the "Are You Flippin' Kidding ME!?" moments which I know we all have.  Those moments when we just have to "hoosh up our leggins' and plié deeper."  

And guess which ones resinated more?

Guess which ones I enjoyed writing the most? 


Hmmm, I don't think so. 

You already know this... when you work in your zone of "Hell YES!" your light shines so bright you don't need a megaphone for people to hear you.  

So here we are, a year later.

And I Need to Say THANK YOU! 

Thank you for reading. 

Thank you for allowing me into your inbox. 

Thank you for your comments, emails and encouragement.  It means the world to me and I answer every single one! (It can get lonely behind a laptop, even for this introvert.)

So with the long weekend coming up in the States, I thought I would share with you my TOP 10 Blog Posts.    Incase you missed a few, or have just joined the party. Catch up while enjoying that long car ride to your cabin or the beach.

And if you'd be so kind as to join the "conversation" with a comment on a blog or two of what you liked, well, that would just make my flippin' day! 

Here we go!

The Top 10 Blogs from #WithGritandAdmiration

#10. Do You Fall into this Statistic?   

#9. Comparison, or Kick in the Ass?

#8. Ouch, That Hurt!  

#7. When Stubborn Meet Curiosity 

#6. 5 Quick Ideas to Grow

#5.Do You Still Get Nervous?

#4. The Co$t of Rest

#3. For the Love - Start Already

#2.  Those Three Little Words

And #1.   " Are You Gritty"


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