Worry Overwhelm

Worry Overwhelm... When it's ok to embrace what it is.

I'm not sure if this is a tip or more of a confession...

But have you ever been driving along, blaring the music, having a great hair day, wearing actual clothes that aren't mistaken for gym clothes or pj.'s, the weather is perfect, the windows are down and you're just singing away?

You're feeling fabulous!

You're feeling awesome!

You're feeling like your check list is completely done, dinner is timed out perfectly in the crock pot, and you have an extra hour before you are needed anywhere! 


And then you see your reflection in a store window and realize you're driving a mini van.  


Back to reality. 


Don't get me wrong... life is still Fabulous. It's just a little different kind of fabulous.




So we just finished a long holiday weekend.

And this time of year marks for many people a new chapter.  A new grade, a new class, a new school, or new students.  A new year filled with expectations, hopes and goals.  It's an exciting time, an anxious time, and perhaps a little teary time.  

As I anticipate the upcoming milestones in my family,  I reflect on all that has happened and what is about to be. 

You guys...this year marks my 23rd year teaching dance. (thank goodness for ibuprofen) I'm going into my 11th year in business as a studio owner, (a bit more ibuprofen) and it marks the very 1st year I will be in a commercial space ~ expanding to two locations! (more ibuprofen, with a beer chaser.)

Scary & exciting.




How did this happen? I'm only 27!  ...ok fine, 42. (Great skincare y'all) 

And yet... this year is no exception to the flood of emotions I'm feeling.

I'm super excited that my kiddos are going to start a new year at school, making new friends and learning to work with new teachers and mentors. 

I'm anxious about my own personal students & families coming into my door...wanting to do my personal best to help grow in their appreciation for dance and all it has to offer.  And yet, to this day, after every first class I wonder, "will they come back?"   

And finally, I'm a bit of a hot mess when I drive past the high school, knowing that my 15yr. is will be getting her license this year, and heading into a very memorable milestone of life...and scared at how fast all of this is happening, knowing full well that it's not about to slow down. 

So... how does this relate to dance or being a dance teacher or business owner? 

I don't know. 

Maybe just knowing that we're doing this together. Wearing the many hats that we all do, on this road called life. Experiencing all the emotions of this fabulous journey. 

Wishing you ALL the best as we navigate this new chapter! 


Melissa - Creator of Boogie Fit Curriculum




PS. What are you most excited about your new chapter? I would love to hear about it.


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