You Must Get Up...Again

You Must Get Up... Again!

A repost from 2019.  I'm choosing to repost it because it still resonates deeply. When we choose to take action, and get up again we continue to get better.  And because I choose to continue to take action, this year has been a record year for me.  I hope it encourages you.

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So... Did anyone else have a tough week last week?

I'm actually still a little sore about it, so I'm gonna tread lightly. 

Last week was the first week back after Thanksgiving, and let's just say it felt "off" from the moment I started my Monday which started waaaay too early. (I had a red eye from Seattle at 12:32am.)

I don't know about you, but I was a bit melancholy. I couldn't place my finger on why.  The Holiday weekend was awesome, so I basically was chalking it up to a little pity party about having to go back to the reality of life.

But then I heard on the radio that the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the loneliest day of the year.  Why you may ask?

Well, the radio personality said that the Thanksgiving holiday is over and we are full on into the Holiday season.  Shorter days, colder temps, and the financial stress of the holiday shopping season is at its height which causes people to feel lonely, isolated and completely overwhelmed. 


Yea, that could be a factor.  

But then it got real, when I came back into my studio & opened my email.

I lost 3 students.



Even if they were students that were on the fence for awhile it would be an ouch.  But these three students were complete surprises.  They were kiddos that came regularly, smiled and put forth their best effort throughout class and even gave me hugs afterwards.  


Big time ouch. 

Then the teaching hours began in the studio.  And y'all it just felt weird.  And it wasn't just me.  This was voiced by a number of teachers & parents online and off.  Kids were out of sorts... and quite possibly, so were the teachers & parents. 

Add to all that some personal life drama, a business goal for November that completely flopped and a reminder that I am now a another year older, I was a "hot pile of mess" by Thursday.  

And I still had to get through Friday!

Perhaps that's why my confidence took a little nose dive.

You see, I've been teaching dance for over 20 years.  I'm a professional in my field.  I've worked with thousands of people, and can totally hold my own teaching a class to first time dancers at 3 year olds or experienced dancers who've been dancing all their life. 

So why was I a little shaky when I had a new student walk through my doors last night?   

Perhaps it's because I didn't personally know this student but I knew of her.  (We do live in a small town.)  I knew that she was well known in my community and could either "help" or "hurt" my business with her experience.  People talk, whether intentionally or off the cuff.  So I got into my head about it... and second guessed my style, my teaching, my lesson plan...basically everything.

For real. 




And then I stopped.

I stopped the "mental game" and said to myself what I would say to you. 

If you were here, I'd take you by your shoulders and look you in the eye and say, "You are enough!"


"You! You have a created a business and an environment that people love coming to! You have excellent word of mouth in the community and are consistently being referred to. Your classes are challenging and rewarding for all. So it doesn't matter if she likes class or not, it's how you treat her.  So be the kind and genuine teacher you aspire to be daily and Crush This Class!" 


So, maybe you had an off week as well.  Or maybe it's this week.  It actually doesn't really matter when have it, you're gonna have them.  We're either heading into a storm, in a storm or on the way out.  But if we have this foundational piece of truth in our back pocket, we can take those dips in our life and make them launching pads!

You, my friend,



Now ~ go be kind, authentic, and do your job! 

OH... and the new student?  She loved the class and signed on. 

Boom. Mama's back. 



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