What's Your Word?

What's Your Word_

So here we are!  The last weeks of 2019!

(And it's totally ok if you are thinking FINALLY.)

The week before Winter break is always so intense.  I recently came upon this cute picture and am using this week in my social media posts. I just had to share! 


I hope you can laugh.  December is intense.  BUT, hopefully the added "to do items" bring a smile on your face, because for the most part... they are "fun."  I know I'm a bit biased because being a mama does add a little magic into the Holiday season.  But either way, we all can take a deep breath... we're almost there. 


So I'll keep this blog a little shorter, cuz we got things to do. 

Last week we chatted about ending your 2019 Strong, and Starting 2020 Stronger. 

(If you missed the blog, click here so we're all on the same page.)

I gave you 9 steps that will help you navigate 2020 with more clarity and purpose in all areas of your life.  The free  printable PDF that I included gave you full on permission to  curl up with your favorite beverage and write out all your dreams and aspirations, in all the areas of your life, for 2020.

It's such a fun & great exercise to do because it will bring such excitement into your life. Specifically ~ 

Fire in your belly Goals that will catapult your 2020 into you sayin' this time next year~

"2020 was the Best Year Yet."  

So, if you haven't, please refer back to last weeks blog here, and take the few minutes to read and print out the pdf. 

This weeks blog highlights the final step. #10  And it's FUN!  (Like I've mentioned before, I love this stuff.)  

A few years ago, I learned that some of my fellow entrepreneurs had a word of the year.  


Yup.  A word that encompassed what they are dreaming, doing, and digging deep about. This word can be an adjective or a verb that keeps you focused or intentional about your actions throughout the year.  

I loved it!  




In Brené Browns book Dare to Lead, there are so MANY great nuggets (obvs, because she's brilliant) but the one I want to talk about here is values.  She says we have ultimately two values that we abide by in life, or are the compass for us to help us navigate this winding journey of life.  They may change during the different seasons of life, but ultimately they keep us anchored, grounded, and rooted in who we are and how we lead. 

Ah HA!  

So similar to the One Word of the Year. 

A compass, anchor, or light that we can "regroup"  when things get a little perplexing in life.

So a few of years ago, I adopted this idea and it's really helped me stay focused and get through my year with as much grace as possible.  And that's why I'm sharing it with y'all now. 




In 2016 my word was BRAVE (I was going through a divorce) 

In 2017 my word was RESILIENT (The aftermath of divorce.  The $&^% got very real.)

In 2018 my word was GRIT (Business & Family... I can do this)

In 2019 my word was ARISE (The dust had finally settled from the divorce & the work from "resilient and Grit year could blossom/flourish/come to be.)

Now it's 2020.  What will it be? 


I know.  I'm not one for cliff hangers, but I'm still figuring it out. 

2019 was a good year for me. Actually, it was shortly after the New Year that business starting to bust at the seams and I was outgrowing my current setting.  

Now a few weeks prior to 2020, we're finishing a build out for a commercial property.  I have a small team of people helping keep everything running, and personally my oldest just started driving and I'm still single. 

(I welcome your comments here, please and thank you)

So... what is YOUR word going to be? 

This is the fun part!  The possibilities are endless, but when you know your word, it will be and feel completely right for you. 

Need a little help? 

(I thought you'd never ask)

I've created a list of words to spark your creativity.  You can put any prefix or suffix onto them. But as you're out and about with friends and family this time of year, perhaps it can stir up a meaningful conversation where you all can find your own perfect word!

Bonus!  Then you can hold each other accountable!  Genius!

So here we are, the last blog post for 2019!  Our next time together will be January 8th, 2020!

From my family to yours...Wishing you the most lovely Holiday filled with NEW and Happy Memories! 







PS.  Learn what word encompasses YOU!


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