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Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty! 

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We've hit another milestone - Double digits!  Episode #10 is here, and it couldn't be more timely. 

Meet my business coach.

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Yup, I have one…because she’s done what I want to do. And while I could figure it out on my own, having my one personal coach to bounce off ideas, ask her how to do it, or “could you send me your copy” so I don’t have create my own has been so valuable, a huge time saver and basically fast tracking all the things.

In this episode Alicia shares how she did the D-word - Made the Decision.  *Spoiler alert: It came when her family was faced with uncertainty in their future.  She also shares her experience as being an introvert, but using her message to step out and be brave.  

Alicia Jonas is a business coach for female entrepreneurs whose super power is helping biz owners create soulful businesses and turn their expertise and passion into profits online. She uses her experience in building two successful businesses to help entrepreneurs scale using a combination of mindset, strategy, visibility, and aligned sales systems, while simultaneously creating a life where they can nurture themselves and their loved ones.

Check out Alicia online or on Instagram @aliciajjonas

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Now, enjoy my interview with my business coach - Alicia Jonas.

Episode #10 Put me in Coach!

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