The Weight of Your Decision🤷🏻‍♀️


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As a singe mama of 5 kiddos, a business owner of both a brick and mortar and online business, making decisions comes with the territory.  Whether its deciding whether we should hire a new team member, or to launch a new program or what to make for dinner. 

Decisions, or the D word, are part of the day. 

Some decisions are super "easy."  i.e. frozen pizza for dinner.  (Kids love this one!)

Others...not so much. 








(and yes... all my kids look like this when I try to create something more creative for their palates.) 


In this podcast I share two strategies that I have learned from my mentors that have served me well over the course of growing my businesses the past few years.  

I invite you to take a listen to this short episode and weigh in on your thoughts.  

After all, not all decisions are created equal. 

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Melissa Rose









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