Who's Holding YOU Accountable?


Welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty!  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

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You guys, we're in 7 countries now!  That's crazy! And so flippin' exciting! Thank you for listening and sharing the podcast. "You're the wind beneath my wings!" Clink 🥂









As the podcast is growing, people are starting to ask me why I am choosing to do a podcast, or better said, "Why do you sit in your closet and talk to yourself and your computer?"  

I answer them with my slick one liner that I've been mastering, "I help tired Mompreneurs juggling all the nitty gritty, level up their business with clarity & confidence so they can have the freedom they deserve." 

"So like a mentor?"

"Um, yes... and no." 

"What's the difference?"

CLICK HERE to listen to this short clarifying episode.  Then message me if a mentor or a coach is in your future. I love hearing from you. Click here to go directly to my DM's. 


Melissa Rose










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