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I'm going to tell you a secret.

I'm the biggest procrastinator. It can be anything. Work, fun or even self care. (My daughter just told me I stink🤦🏻‍♀️)

When people learn this dirty little secret, they're surprised because it appears I get so much done. 

Ha! 😂

But what I've learned is that if I just accept that I'm a professional and enjoy the procrastination, then I'm super productive when it's crunch time.  Like now... This blog needs to get out within the hour. 

And that's why I love my guest this week. 

Rachel is a mama of four littles, (and she's truly in the thick of it) and building up her photography business.  She has every reason to procrastinate, or wait until "this season of life is over."  But Rachel shares a few nuggets that make even this procrastinator think twice before putting my feet up and ignoring the pile of dishes on the counter. 

I've already gotten some messages from listeners who said, "The Podcast was spot on and what I needed to hear today."

So grab your earbuds and listen to In The Nitty Gritty!  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

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A little bit about our guest: 

Rachel Gaetz is a Twin Cities portrait photographer who is based out of Hudson, WI. Her business Ray & Grace Photography specializes in family portraits, wedding photography, and boudoir photography. She thrives on creating candid, joyful imagery and prides herself on conducting her sessions in a way that's fast, fun, and actually enjoyable.

Rachel is originally from Oak Lawn, IL and moved to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota. She earned a degree in journalism and also found herself a husband while in college. Shortly after getting married and becoming a mom to her first daughter Cecelia, she started a blog documenting her little family's life. That blog eventually spurred a successful photography business and her family grew to include four kids.

On any given day, she has a coffee in hand, a baby on her hip, and a big messy bun on her head... after all there's work to be done and a big, beautiful life to enjoy. When not photographing clients, she enjoys reading, cooking dancing, pretending to be a home design expert, and wine and coffee of course (not mixed together).

You don't want to miss it!

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest.


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PS.  Photo credit is my Rachel Gaetz💗

PPS.  All the links from the episode so you can properly stalk and love on our guest 😘

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