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As a business owner, mom & partner - life is full.

The work and life duties are full but rewarding.  

But then the real life happens. 

Maybe it's personal, maybe it's something out of your control.  Maybe it's kids or partner.  Or maybe just heavy. 

And let's be real, the stress of it can consume you physically, mentally and emotionally.   Leaving you vulnerable to less then average energy, focus & production. 

But.. we have a tool!

My guest this week is Angela Mannella-Hoffman owner of Moore than Dance. 

Not only is Angela a ray of light, but she shares some excellent wisdom on handling all the emotions that come with owning a business and living your best life.  

In fact, I took her biggest nugget wisdom to heart just today. 

Because life is full. 

It's like the podcast was designed just for me. Hmm. 😉

So grab your earbuds and listen to In The Nitty Gritty!  (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN)

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A little bit about our guest: 

Angela Mannella-Hoffman started her professional performing career at age 8. 

Her theater credits include, The Guthrie Theater, Shakespeare and Company MN, Hennepin Stages, MN Shakespeare Project, The Children’s Theater Company and many other regional theaters. 

Her dance credits include, Paul McCartney’s “Back in the US” tour, The Nutcracker Fantasy, The Super Bowl Half-Time Show and many plays and industrials in which she was the dance captain. 

Angela has acted in over 300 commercials including being the spokesperson for American Furniture and Appliances. Her voice can be heard on the radio, websites and training videos. 

Angela started teaching dance over 20 years ago and has taught at many different studios throughout the Twin Cities. 

She is the co-host of the podcast, "Elevate Your Studio" and is featured in the book, "Dance Studio Secrets" by Clint Salter. 

Angela and her husband, Tim have a 12 year old son Vincent.

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest.


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PPS.  All the links from the episode so you can properly stalk and love on our guest 😘

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