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"This has to get better!"

Leaning back in her red winged chair, exhausted after working yet another too long day, with boys on the floor zoning out to "Sesame Street" my guest was convinced this wasn't the plan for her life. It had to get better...

Hey there , welcome back to another episode of In The Nitty Gritty!

Ever been there?






Been there. Done that. Bought the t-shirt. 

But I'm here to tell you, there's more. There's better.  There's awesomeness coming. 

If you really want it. 

If you're really clear.

If you really work.

I love the quote, "Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to build a new foundation." 

Actually, that's probably a paraphrase but you get the idea.  It's true.  So much good can happen from there.  But you have to be intentional. 

And that is why I LOVE our guest this week.

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Emi Kirschner shares her story of overcoming life's obstacles to living her best life as the CEO of her own company.

Investor, serial entrepreneur, coach and international speaker, Emi Kirschner, masterfully combines her intuitive abilities with her analytical sense to help driven entrepreneurs become the Visionary CEO of their business resulting in doubling revenue. 

What I'm super excited about is that Emi is going to continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, In the Nitty Gritty for Bossbabes this Friday at 9:30am.  She'll be a doing a mini training on her unique vision casting framework that she shares in the podcast. 

You know this already, but you've all the power within you to create your most vivid dreams!   

So I invite you to continue the conversation this Friday, July 24th at 9:30am CST.

OH, and it's FREE! CLICK HERE.

Ready to be inspired? Grab your ear buds !

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to interview with the beautiful Emi Kirschner. 

About Emi:

Emi is an expert in:

      Implementing strategic, long term plans

      Increasing productivity and performance while reducing stress

      Increasing sales by maximizing process and lead capture

      Building and developing value centeredmission driven teams

Emi is the host of the Tribe of Leaders podcast, where she interviews successful entrepreneurs who share how they have developed their leadership skills through the success and challenges of growing their business  

As a Young Entrepreneur Academy instructor Emi teaches 7th-12th graders how to write a business plan and pitch to investors. 

When not traveling, Emi can be found wearing flip flops and drinking coffee at many of the local shops where she lives in Philadelphia. 


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