🛑Stop Learning🛑

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Aren't we supposed to be avid learners?  Growing and broadening our knowledge to best help our businesses and clients? 


And no. 

My amazing guest this weeks says it so well, !  (Download and listen at 13min.)

Originally I asked Kelly to be on the show because of her time management expertise.  As a business coach, I encourage all my clients to adhere to a schedule that allows for them to achieve their goals. But when blocking out their time doesn’t work… I knew I needed to call in for reinforcement!

Although Kelly specializes in helping business women be more productive, her nuggets of wisdom in being a business mama juggling it all were mind blowing. 

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Highlighted Quotes:

"I over listened to people and lost a little bit of my own intuition.  But in the last two months, I'm able to see that I know things and I know what I want to do." - Kelly Nolan

"Learning to unplug from how much information I let myself take on, and listen to what I think and believe" - Kelly Nolan

"If you can protect your time as part of a larger system in how your manage your time, it's so valuable because then feel more in control of your life." - Kelly Nolan

"My goal is not to make you productivity machine.  My goal is to help you find clarity in how you'll get it all done, in all your roles.  Personal, family, and career. And protect it all." - Kelly Nolan. 

All about Kelly Nolan!

Kelly Nolan is an attorney-turned-time management strategist and mom. She helps busy women ditch their overwhelm for calm clarity about when they'll get everything done in their personal, family and career lives.

After practicing as a patent litigator for over five years in Boston and California, Kelly left law to help other women reduce their overwhelm and design and live out lives that light them up.

Now, using her signature time management strategy, she helps women like you design and use a personalized, flexible and adaptable time management method that will bring you calm clarity for decades to come.

Kelly is NOT naturally organized, so she gets how overwhelm happens – and also knows how light life feels when you are on top of it all. And you’ll be surprised at how much fun we have in the process.


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