What's 173.3? 

It's roughly how many work hours are in a month. 

So let's round it up to 180, cuz chances are, you're doing a few more than 40 hours a week.  Am I right ?

And then you're juggling kids, life, partners and everything else nitty gritty.

I shouldn't be surprised when I polled my Facebook group of entrepreneurs what their biggest struggle was when it came to marketing.


But here's the deal.  

Many business owners get caught up in the 






That they forget the biggest factor in any of it. 

💥Consistency. 💥

In this weeks podcast I share with you 1 action I started after being newly divorced with five young children whom I had 60% of the time.  I was trying to grow my business so we could stay in our current home. Time and money were scarce. 

So I decided, learned, got resourceful and did one action CONSISTENTLY.  

Today that one action costs me money if I DON'T do it.  It's become that vital in my business. 

Do you need to do that I did?


You can pick your one platform.  Yes, one.  Uno.  And show up there consistently.  Like down to the minute, so that your audience expects it, wants it, and loves it.  

Not sure where to start? 

I'm so glad you asked. 

Tomorrow I am leading a workshop on visibility.  Ten ways to get your business/brand in front of more people.  And the best part, they're FREE!  Do you need to do all ten?  No, but I'll challenge you to pick one or two and do them, you guessed it... consistently. 

Claim your spot here!

Marketing doesn't have to take a ton of time, energy or have sexy branding. Marketing comes down to what you do consistently. 

I'd love to help you bring more clients in your doors (virtually and physically) so that you can create more freedom in your business. 

The workshop is tomorrow at 12noon CST.  I'd love to see your beautiful face . 




 PS.  TLDR - Workshop is tomorrow, Sept. 24th @ 12pm CST.  More eyes on your biz. More people in your doors.  More money in your pocket.  Claim your spot.


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