#44:✨Visually Speaking✨ - with Jessica Morrison

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It's podcast day!

Consistency is huge for me. In all aspects of your life.

My guest today, Jessica Morrison, specializes in helping female service based businesses create a consistent brand that carries through all platforms. And we both kinda geek out on it. We also chat about how she stays organized with being a mama of 3 young boys, navigating life as a business owner and partner.

Always some takeaways for us to learn from. Enjoy!

OH!  And she has a freebie quiz for you!  Find out your branding style! So fun!  CLICK HERE!

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A bit about our featured guest!

Jessica has over twenty years of experience working with multi-million dollar companies including Pfizer, Walmart, BJ’s Wholesale, Toyota, Stonyfield, and prAna in sales, marketing, and influencer marketing.

Growing up in a small town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, her heart has always been with small businesses– more specifically, women-owned businesses. She is passionate about applying her wealth of digital branding experience with major corporations to small, women-owned, service-based businesses.

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So grab your earbuds and listen!

Highlighted Quotes:
"So much of the strategies and things that I learned from the large companies I got to work with, I figured out how I could tweak those same tactics and apply them to smaller business." - Jessica Morrison

"You CAN do it all.  Maybe not all at the same time." - Melissa Rose

"You really have so many superpowers.  You really can do anything you put your mind to!" - Jessica Morrison

"Be authentic and consistent.  Then you are top of mind and that amazing referral" - Melissa Rose

"You adapt or you die" - Jessica Morrison

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Melissa Rose


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