#45: Nothing Like a Great Backside!!


Hey , 

Can we all agree? 🙋🏻‍♀️

There is nothing like a great backside. 

A lean, tight, money making backside!





I'm talking about your back office y'all.  


You can have a stellar location, beautiful office, perfect marketing materials and even provide a great product or service.  But if you don’t have a back office that keeps you informed, organized and on track it doesn’t matter.  

Because ultimately your business will be out of business.  

It’s one of the biggest places we lose time and money in our businesses. 

In this episode I dive deep in why.  What you should be looking for in a back office system.  Is it worth investing in a better platform?  When should you do that?  How to do it most cost effective. 

Not sure what platform is best for you?

Oh!  And it's my birthday month. 🎂

And it wouldn't be Melissa without a Birthday Goal.  I'll be turning 44 this year.  😳 Gulp.  It would make my day to have 44 NEW reviews!  If we hit 44 new reviews on Apple iTunes, I have a special gift for EVERYONE... and 1 lucky winner will be gifted a 30 minute strategy coaching call. 
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Highlighted Quotes:

"When we feel overwhelmed or in chaos mode, it's because our back office isn't running sufficiently" 

"Many times we are not diving in deep enough to really understand what we already have in place. Therefore we are wasting time and money on additional tools that we really don't need." 

"We only change when the pain is too much."

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