#48: 3 Simple Steps to Your Epic Life


Hey , 

Maybe it's a long holiday weekend, or the fact that the end of 2020 is on the horizon that I'm thinking about goals and leveling up.  

Or maybe it's because I'm sitting in the ski chalet while my kids are having the time of their life and I feel like I won the lottery! 


You see, two years ago my brother took my entire family skiing.  That would be 5 kids and me.  Downhill skiing.  No small chunk of change. 

But he gave me the vision - I wanted to be able to do that for my family.  

  • So I Created the Vision. 
    • Ski passes to a local resort
    • Sunday Funday days with my kids every weekend I had them.
    • Mama enjoying a beer on the chalet deck whilst my kids snow plow down the hill with the sun basking on my face. 
  • Then I Decided. 
    • Find out how much a season pass was.  (Gulp😳)
    • Add rental.  (Damn😳)
    • Work hard and pray for a miracle. (keepin' real y'all)
  • Take Massive Action
    • Work daily on growing my revenue to help fund Sunday Funday dream.
    • Set aside money daily for the goal in a savings account that is out of sight out of mind.

The very NEXT year that goal was achieved. Thanks to an unexpected tax refund, and spring ski sale a friend casually mentioned in conversation. (Note: pay attention to what's around you.  It's already there y'all.)

6 Tickets purchased + Season Rental = "Best Christmas Gift Ever Mom!"

Whether you want to better yourself, your business or your relationships, you need to create a vision, decide and then take massive action. 

In this episode, I share a portion of training I gave at my first #RebelWomenEvent.  

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Tracking your action is 98% of achieving the goal.  

And if you need help with vision, or deciding or accountability to the action, schedule your 20 minute call to see if coaching is right for you.

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Grab your earbuds ladies, it's a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Acknowledge the good already in your life, for it is the foundation for all abundance."

-Eckhart Tolle


Melissa Rose


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