#56 Lower Your Standards

Hey there !

Today's a big day.

No matter what side of the political fence you sit on, today we inaugurate our first WOMAN Vice President.🇺🇸


Thinking she didn't get there by sitting quietly in the corner. 

She was big, bold and brave... 

Stepping out sooner. 

Learning longer.

And executing on the extra. 

A bit of a Rebel. 

With just enough badass to make her kickass.

And guess what ?

So are you!

Juggling all the things.  Growing a business, raising a family and loving your tribe in a way that's all your own. 

That's True Badassery. 

Although a historic day is about to unfold, it’s also that time of year when the goals you were so vivid about, so excited about, so ready to tackle start to feel heavy, and hard, and maybe not as doable anymore.

Maybe it's time to call in for reinforcements.  

Some guidance, some out of the box strategy, some real help that will give you real results.  

That is why I'm so excited to announce that LEVEL UP! is open for enrollment !  

My signature program for powerhouse ladies who want to create business that provides the life of their dreams. 

Ooooh I SO WANT this for you, !

Because as a Rebel Woman, you shouldn't settle for a mediocre business.  

Here is what past client Kaitlin has to say about her experience working with me: 

Melissa is not only a joy to work with but also a POWERHOUSE! As a successful female entrepreneur herself, she has navigated the ins and outs of raising a business and a family and is willing to share all the tips and tricks behind the scenes. Our one on one coaching session really helped me to get organized and execute a plan to move forward in growing my business. She gave me specific strategies and suggestions for HOW to do it. She shares her expertise, knowledge and fun, loving energy. If you are a busy female entrepreneur, and feeling overwhelmed by trying to manage ALL THINGS life & business, I highly recommend hiring her as your business coach! You will NOT regret it!

Want to get on a quick call to learn more: CLICK HERE.

or hit reply. 

You got this.  👊🏼

Take a breath.

Give yourself grace.

You got this!





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