#59 The Keeper of the Books & The Power of Knowing Your Numbers


It's tax season!

A reality check of how your business did last year.   In crystal clear black and white numbers. 

But here's the deal, your taxes give a you a picture of what happened.  

I want you to know what is going on right now in your business, so that you can make your business boom!💥

Welcome back to another episode of ITNG .

So let me ask you, do you know your numbers?

Your black and white real numbers so that you can make your business boom?💥

One of the first people I tell my clients to hire is a bookkeeper.  Many entrepreneurs don't care to keep tabs on their numbers or understand it. But when you don't know or understand your true numbers, the nitty gritty of what's profitable in your business, what's sucking the life out of your business (with no cash your business is dead) and where your money is going, your business is running you. 

And around here, I want YOU to run your business, like the Rebel Woman🤘🏼 you are!

Introducing our first male guest on the podcast, Chris Kocina. 

Chris is a bookkeeper in my area, and is not your typical pocket protector numbers guy.  Think skateboarder, guitar playing rockster who happens to love helping people understand their numbers. 

(If you missed last weeks episode, please listen as I set up how I use a bookkeeper in my biz.)😉


Highlighted Quotes:

"I love helping people, interacting and doing it in a truly genuine way, and seeing the relief in my clients faces." - Chris Kocina

"I see my business as a relationship business first and foremost." - Chris Kocina

"People should invest right off the bat.  However, to what extent is up to the the individual person." - Chris Kocina

"People might be leary of hiring a bookkeeper becuase of the cost, not realizing that their CPA is now charging double to clean up something that your bookkeeper could do." - Melissa Rose

"When we learn how our clients receive information best, it makes our business better. And when you're high touch as your business like yours, it's very important that you serve your clients in the best way they are able to understand the information." - Melissa Rose

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Grab your earbuds and listen!


And if your a solopreneur or someone with a very small team, who’s feeling a bit overwhelmed, stressed out or in chaos mode OR is wanting to make a pivot in your business but not sure how, I invite you to apply to Level UP.  It’s amazing what can happen in 90 days with clear vision, a decisive decision and inspired action.  Our first mastermind is February 18th at 1pm.  

Ok... now go enjoy the show ladies! 


Melissa Rose


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