#63 Getting the Most Out of Your CPA

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Can I just say you’re a rare find!

Running a brick and mortar business, raising some kiddos and juggling all of life's offerings.  Let’s just be real and call you what you are? You’re a Rebel Woman! 

You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into creating a store front that lights you up, serves your clients well and YOU well, and contributes significantly to to the community you love. You’re my hero!

Happy Wednesday !

We're continuing our 💥 Make Your Business Boom Series💥  

It's tax season and our CPA is top of mind and maybe on speed dial. (Did I just date myself?) 

This week we're going to dive in deep on working with your CPA. 

✅ What questions should you consider asking

✅ Why one should change their CPA, and

✅ In what ways can get more value from your CPA that you might not of considered.

Michael answers them all and shares his nitty gritty on being a very successful business owner out of the gate! He specializes in helping small business’s reach their goals and become successful from start-up to sale.

Podcast - FB IG (MB) (11)

So, grab your earbuds and enjoy!

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Now go crush it ladies! 


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