My Favorite 3 Word Phrases Dance Teachers Say

I asked a dance teacher forum what they were saying to their dance students in the studio, and I received over 300 comments!   

Although point your toes, and straighten your knees were highlighted a lot, I wanted to share with you the top 10 favorites of mine.  Some of them can be worded multiple ways... and I tried to include them. 

However, I must admit, what makes me most happy about this list, is how our little dance phrases cross over into real world situations.  That just makes me kinda giddy. 


10. "Let Class Happen"  -  I love this.  Don't micro manage your class, your work, your kids, your day.  Create an outline, but then let it happen.  Appreciate the moment we are in.  

9. "Make it work!" or a variation "Make it Count" or "Figure it out" or "Over Analyze Paralyze" - a lot of dance is just doing it.  From doing your first plie to putting on your pointe shoes ... it's never perfect or right the first time.  We just have to do it.  Figure it out, make it work and then do it again. But do it your best! Growing, learning, achieving more each time.   

8. "Dog outta Water" - sent in by Josh K. He says, "this sometimes helps during pirouettes to keep the neck lengthened and body tall."  I loved it as I sat up straighter when I read it it.  This might not carry over into real world as well, but I might try it with my teenage daughter to stand up straight. 

7. "Remember to Breathe" or a variation "Use your plie" - You may think, how are these two connected? But I dare you to plie deep without breathing!  I love this.  When I let go and breathe, rely on our technique, and release, we allow our audience to breathe and enjoy our dancing.  The same holds true in life. When our to do list is so long, or our plate is fuller then we anticipated, we forget to breathe...  So take a deep breath. And one Deep. Step. At. A. Time. 

6. "Whiners never Win" - Boom! Take the note, correct it, and learn from it.  Don't make excuses.

5. "Trust the Process"  - so many shared this one.  Yes. In this instant gratifying seeking culture, we want results NOW! But believe in the foundational work that is so important to grow. I personally love "The days are long, but the years short." Many times it's relating to raising kiddos.  But honestly, it can be growing a business or training for a marathon.  It's the day to day details that make our years amazing!

4. "No Can't allowed" or any variation on that.  I love the story of fellow dance friend where her students told their parent's they can't say the "C" word in class!  But in all of life, we need to stop this limiting belief and create a new mantra.  For example, "I'm working on it!"

3. 700 times RIGHT - Carol R.  explains, that's said to be the number of times it takes to learn something right. NOW DO IT 4500 TIMES RIGHT - that's said to be the number of times it takes to re-learn something correctly after learning it wrong. All I can do is...gulp.  

2. "Shine Your Light" - this one is mine.  I teach littles. A lot of them.  And I want them to know that we all have a light that makes us special.  So turn yours on, (touch a button on your chest), and show it off, (standing up taller and straighter, lifted, and pulled up) It's a positive reminder for dance and life.  And my kiddos & parents love it. 

1. "One More Time!" - did your eyes roll?  or did you laugh? We've heard it and said it so many times.  But it's such a great lesson for life.  So many things in life are NEVER done on the first attempt.  Keep trying that step, that recipe, blooming that orchid, or running that 5k!  

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did putting them together!  
Leave a comment on your favorite 3 word phrase that you say in your daily life so we can all be the best mentors, teachers and leaders for our tribe!

It takes a village.  

With Grit & Admiration - 





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