#156: {Healthy in the Valley Series} The Story of Healing Roots Wellness Center with Owner Emily Jacobson



I’m so excited to introduce you to Emily Jacobson of Healing Roots in River Falls WI.  

In this episode we get into the story of Healing Roots. How it came to be, the journey of finding her purpose and passion along with creating a community of clients that are her most favorite people. 

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Owner and acupuncturist at To The Point Acupuncture and Tai Chi Owner and directer of Healing Roots Wellness Center My interest in wellness and holistic medicine started at a very young age. Pursuing this interest, I attended St.Croix Center For The Healing Arts massage school in the year 2000. With a passionate young heart I decided to make an attempt at entrepreneurship and started my first business, Exceptional Relief Massage, in 2002. After a very successful 9 years in business, my mind and body needed to dive deeper into the healing arts. Wanting an extension of my career as a bodyworker, I chose to study Chinese Medicine and received a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2016 and promptly opened To The Point Acupuncture and Tai Chi. Having been a bodyworker for more that 20 years, my goal is to create a safe space for each individual and work with their needs, meeting them wherever they are at on any given day. Holding this space allows for a person to be at ease and reach true healing. Working with Qi (sounds like chi) and deep communication as medicine, I am able to work with all elements of a persons mind, body, and spirit. With a massage therapy background, one area of wellness I focus on is pain management, with an additional focus on women’s health and mental/emotional health. As the owner and director of Healing Roots Wellness Center, my goal is to create a wholesome community of wellness providers and wellness seekers. Knowing that there are many paths to healing and that collaborative care has a big impact, I want to offer a diverse way to make healing available and accessible. We are on this planet to connect, love, and support each other. I believe this is the only way we are able to fully thrive as human beings. Humbly holding space for practitioners and recipients to receive emotional and physical nourishment is the basis of why I decided to open Healing Roots Wellness Center. In my spare time, you will find me hiking, riding bicycle, or kayaking with my sweet husband, playing with my dogs, teaching tai chi in the park, deep in a philosophical conversation, or laughing with a friend or loved one.

A bit about Melissa Rose: 

In 2009, Melissa Rose started her business in the basement of her home. She taught the art of dance to students of all ages while her babies were right along with her in the pack and play.  With her passion, resilience, and tenacity - she created a business that has become "The Highlight of Your Week" for her tribe, her team and her community.  

Along with running a successful brick and mortar business, Melissa is also a visibility coach for brick and mortar businesses, Melissa guides other boss ladies to a flourishing brick and mortar business that provides for their own tribe - creating a legacy for themselves, their family and their community.  

Melissa is a super mama of five kiddos, enjoys super long hikes (without her kids) or playing in her garden.  At the end of the day you can find her snuggling with a self development book most likely with an ice cold beer

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