Track it - Like a Boss!


What You Focus on Grows!

Let’s make sure we’re focusing on the right things:

What we do have✅

What we have done ✅

So we can do more of it!✅

Hey there !  Welcome back to another episode of In the Nitty Gritty! 

Y'all.  It's fresh and new.  Take a listen to hear the updates. 😍 

AND in this episode I have a little gift just for you, my loyal listeners.  

A pdf download for you where I share exactly how and what I track so that I can see them at a moments notice. When I know exactly where I am, it not only motivates me but it helps me stay accountable to myself, my business and most importantly - my family.

So, if you want to see exactly how I track my success - Like a Boss - grab your download here!


Now, grab your ear buds and catch the latest. 




Melissa Rose



PS.  Extra coaching video! CLICK HERE

PPS. All the Goods

1. You have to work ON your business. Not IN it.  This 90 days will push you into the bad ass boss babe you intended to be!

2. The one question people always ask me, “How in the world do you do it!?  A single mama, with five kids and two businesses how do you manage to stay so consistent?”  Well, I keep it simple.  That is why I’m sharing my 5 tools for consistency.  I use them everyday and they keep me accountable to my goals.  Grab them here:

3. Join my FREE Coaching Group where I come in weekly to share tips, tools, motivation and inspiration that has helped me in my business to help you in yours. 


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