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Can I tell you a secret? 

I don't like to talk about my kids. 


Because I'm not that good at being a mom.  Most days I feel like I suck at it.  There are too many opinions, personalities and emotional roller coasters to navigate and that's just me.

So when I meet people, I usually like to just talk biz.  Because it's safe.  I usually have a clue and most days I feel like I'm doing pretty darn good at it. 

So when I met Melissa Corkum, a parent coach, I selfishly wanted... let me rephrase, NEEDED to have her on the podcast.  

Don't get me wrong, my kids are good kids and I love them... most days.  And honestly, they're doing their job.  My 17 year old is REALLY good at her job. (insert eye roll 🙄)  And then, so is my 7 year old.  (insert kisses and hugs 😉)

It might be the name, but this Melissa also has a bunch of kiddos.  With her tribe of 6 kiddos through birth and adoption, Melissa Corkum shares all the nitty gritty of her journey of adoption and the parenting challenges that it brings.  

And if you like FREE HELP, Melissa has a ton of great resources if you struggle with too much yelling and not enough laughing.  And if you have a child with ADHD or ADD, you're in luck with webinar trainings designed just for you! 

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Y'all, this episode is truly a gift.  I don't want to miss it. 

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Highlighted Quotes:

"Before it was a business I didn't have set time to do it...but now I've prioritized it and now I have the time to give & help people make a difference." - Melissa Corkum

"Parenting challenges might as well be med school sometimes!" - Melissa Rose

"Taking behavior back to the brain, before the diagnosis, before the names we give all the behaviors to really understand what's going on with our kids and the their brains.  It gives us so much good information and we can take that and be better parents." - Melissa Corkum

"We are our kids best services & therapies...and I believe parents can do it." - Melissa Corkum

"We all need parenting training." - Melissa Corkum

"Get a really solid definition of success...it simplifies so many things." - Melissa Corkum


All about Melissa Corkum!

Kids should come with manuals, but since they don't, a parent coach is the next best thing. 

Melissa Corkum has read all the books, gone to all the trainings, and gotten certified as a life coach, Enneagram coach, essential oil specialist, and Empowered to Connect parent trainer, so overwhelmed and exhausted parents don't have to. She's helped dozens of parents shift to a brain-based view of behaviors so they can find more effective solutions besides threatening and punishing and become confident parents. She's a mom to six kids by birth and adoption. They've taught her a lot about what creates thriving parent-child relationships…and what doesn't.  You can find her destressing at the end of every day by crunching on the half-popped kernels at the bottom of the popcorn bowl and binging something on Netflix. Parents can connect with her at www.thecorkboardonline.com. She also co-hosts the podcast, The Adoption Connection.

Website - https://www.thecorkboardonline.com/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/corkboardonline
FG Group - https://www.thecorkboardonline.com/facebook   <--YOU SHOULD JOIN US!!
Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/corkboardblog/

And before I sign off, I want to let you know! 

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PS. All the links.

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