#104: {What’s Working Now} 15 Minutes a Week to More Visibility, Revenue and Industry Authority

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{What’s Working Now} 15 Minutes a Week to More Visibility, Revenue and Industry Authority

Do you have 15 minutes a week? 🙋‍♀️

I bet you do. Especially if I told you that you’d get more brand awareness, more clients, and become the go to expert.

Collaboration is one of my most favorite ways to grow my business. (Perhaps it’s the wanna be extrovert inside me.)

But working together with other business owners has been not only good for business, but for brand awareness, creating authority and being known in the community as a great business to work with.

The bonus of this strategy is that it takes so little time to execute! LOVE THAT!

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MelissaDressComputerA Little bit about Melissa Rose   

 In 2009, three weeks postpartum, Melissa started her business in her basement while her babies were in the pack and play.  With her passion, resilience and nose down, she created a business that has become "The Highlight of you Week" for her tribe, her team and her community. 

Now a visibility coach for brick and mortar businesses, Melissa guides other boss babes to a flourishing brick and mortar that provides for their own tribe - creating a legacy in their community.  

Melissa is a super mama of five kiddos, enjoys long hikes or playing in her garden.  At the end of the day you can find her snuggling up with a self development book with an ice cold beer.  


Do you have 15 minutes a week? I bet you do. I bet you can find 15 minutes a week to do this visibility strategy that has done wonders for my brick and mortar.

If you're running a brick and mortar business, raising some kiddos and juggling all of life's offerings, let's be real and call you what you are. You my friend are a rebel woman, you've put your blood sweat and tears in creating a storefront that lights you up, serves your clients well and contributes significantly to the community you love. You are my hero. And I'm pretty sure we could sit down and talk shop for hours cause I get it! I have a brick and mortar business myself for over 12 years, a handful of kids and a few passion projects that I love like this one. Hey there everybody. My name is Melissa Rose and I am your visibility coach for brick and mortar businesses who want more clients coming in their doors. I have a passion for helping and serving those who are also living life on the edge going for their dreams and creating a legacy through their kick ass business. In this podcast, we're going to share the nitty gritty of running a successful brick and mortar business. We're going to share stories we're going to talk strategy, and we're gonna learn practical tips that leave you inspired, empowered and equipped to create the life of your dreams. Are you ready? Let's get real.

Hey there everybody. Welcome back to another episode of brick and mortar visibility. How are you doing? It is the middle of January, it is the season where that goal that you want or those goals that you've written down may start to feel a little heavy. And I get it. It's right now when I'm recording this the 13th and it just it happens every year we have those goals or what we want to accomplish. Things start to feel heavy, they start to feel redundant and you start to question yourself, can this really happen? And I'm going to encourage you, yes they can. It can. But you have to be consistent. Every day a little step in the right direction. And if you need help with that I just launched my mastermind for the next quarter. So starting in April, if you are a planner,if you want accountability, this is a 90 day program. Super easy, super low key as far as an easy way to work with me. Check it out at msmelissarose.com/mastermind. That is a great way and it's only limited to eight people. So I would love to have you consider that. Go to msmelissarose.com/mastermind to help you get those goals achieved. Alright, so one of my favorite visibility strategies is collaboration. I just love it. I don't know if it's this wanna be extrovert inside me because I'm not an extrovert. But I love helping people and I love working together with people that are just as passionate. Let's just put that preface in there. Okay. I love working with people who are just as passionate and just as hard working as I am, in getting a goal achieved. So collaborations is one of my most favorite ways to grow my brick and mortar business, either, When I say grow, there's different ways to grow you all. You can grow just brand recognition. Maybe you can literally grow revenue, or clients or enrollment whatever it is for you. But there's different ways to grow. You can grow your team so that you can create some more time freedom for you. But I love collaboration. So I have a Podcast, episode 82 where I really break down the three C's of collaboration. That episode deals mainly with larger events or workshops or masterclasses or webinars, something like that. Today, I want to talk about a way that you can collaborate that is so quick and easy. That has really been a really nice visibility strategy for my business as well as theirs and it really comes down to about 15 minutes a week, which I love because just like you there's a lot on my plate. Whether you are in a really growth mode right now or whether you are in a stabilizing mode in your business. You can still do this and I highly recommend it because it's a great way to build brand awareness. And you can also do this in a way to build your clientele as well. So what I have been doing is I have been intentionally reaching out to businesses that have my same ideal client. Alright, so that's first you want to work with businesses that have your ideal client, so you can cross promote. So it helps them get visibility and it also helps me get visibility. So what I have been doing you guys is have IG live every week with a different business owner. Now, why is this great? It gives them great visibility on my platform, it gives value to my network. It then gives me visibility because I am going to share it on my platform, on my stories, on my feed and I'm going to tag them so that they share it to their network. And it gives visibility for them. I'm also resharing it multiple times and I think this is one thing that a lot of business owners forget that they can do this. You don't just post it once. You can reshare this multiple times, at different times of the day and I highly encourage it. I also include it in my blog in a link and that helps my SEO as well as theirs. And I include it in my newsletter that I send out twice a month to my network. Now you are a brick and mortar business owner. If you're listening to this podcast you are a brick and mortar business owner and chances are you are in a community and that community could be 5000 people it could be 50,000 people it could be 150,000 people it's still small business and this is why it is so good. You are connecting with other business owners who have your same ideal client. It works for both of you. Second, your community loves to see this. Your community is watching. They are seeing how you are to work with through other businesses. If you have a reputation of working with other people, supporting them, collaborating with them. Your clients see that and they think I think I want to work with them because I see them out and about in the community working well with other people. It's a ripple effect. It's a subliminal message that carries a loud and clear. And then you're also building relationships with other business owner which as a business owner, you know that that other business owner gets it and when you are good to work with and when you are hands out sharing open, you then can receive and you're going to receive the blessings by knowing that other business owner and working by building that relationship with that other business owner and possibly working together later on, at bigger scale. But it's all about connections. You know this running a business is so much relationship building and when we can build relationships not only with our clients but with other business owners who are going to refer us, connect us, lead us to other opportunities. It is so good. So that is why I love the strategy. So collaboration is one of my favorites. But this collaboration strategy is so quick and easy. So what I've done is I've made a list of businesses that have my ideal client, that would also serve my ideal client well. So here at the studio, I'm thinking young families, and I'm thinking of other business owners that serve that same clientele that can bring value to my tribe. Then I reach out to them and I pitch them just like that. Say I would love to bring you on because I think your services would help benefit my ideal, not my ideal client your services would help benefit my tribe. And I want my tribe to know about you because I think you do great work. I haven't had anybody say 'no', they're so excited about it. And then it's literally a 15 minute or less little interview and I genuinely tell them like well I want this to be about you I want this to see how people can work with you. If you have any promotion you want to offer or anything like that this is all about you and I genuinely make it about them and talk about my connection with them. Maybe I've worked with them personally and know their work. Or maybe I've just heard about their work. I share that I'm really authentic there. I don't really I don't have the energy to camouflage anything. So I'm sharing that. And then it's just been ripling back, you guys. I've got clients from it. They have gotten clients from it by seeing the IG live that we did. We have grown our numbers on social. We have just seen a little bit of energy and uptick in our enrollment and this hasn't been going on that long, you guys. All right. So it's so easy and really such a little amount of time. And once a week I've been doing these on Tuesdays for me, but it just makes so much sense. So if you have 15 minutes, you can do this. If collaboration is on the list for you to be better at or work together with other people, start here. This is such an easy one to do, versus a masterclass or a workshop or a webinar. I mean that's, that's big. That takes some time, energy and planning. This is so quick and can be done really well. So I hope this is helpful because it's been really great for my business.

If you would like to work together, come on over to msmelissarose.com and click the work with me tab. I have some ways that you can work with me. I mentioned the mastermind at the top of the show. But there's some other ways you can work with me there too, to learn more. Okay, I also have a free Google Workshop. If you're newer in business. This is a workshop for you. It's totally free and it's right there on the homepage. You can just grab that and get started so that you can set your business up for success right from the get go. Okay, everybody, I hope this was helpful. I would love to hear from you. If you got any value out of this episode, please DM me on Instagram. That is the best way to reach me or you can reply to one of my newsletter emails that come out on Wednesday as well. Alright guys, have a great day. I hope you guys have a great week. We will see you same time same place next week. Peace, bye bye!

Oh my gosh, you're still here. You are such a rebel women, I have to meet you. Come on over to the Rebel Women Tribe on Facebook created for brick and motar business owners just like you. In this group we empower, encourage and support each other and every week I come in and share with you a tip, tool or strategy that I'm learning in my brick and mortar business to help you in yours. And you guys this is the real stuff, the nitty gritty in real time of what's going on. So come on over to the Rebel Woman Tribe. on Facebook. I can't wait to meet you


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