New Clients in YOUR Studio. 

Every. Single. Month. 

Free BoogieFit Dance!
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    “I love the fun new dances every month and connecting with great people!”

    BoogieFit Member

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    “As a physical therapist, I not only understand the numerous benefits of physical exercise but there is also a mental challenge to learning choreography which is an added bonus to all of those benefits of reduced stress, better sleep, better memory retention, and burning some calories!”

    BoogieFit Member

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    “So Curriculum is so Easy to Use! I love how BoogieFit make marketing this class so easy for me!”

    Happy BoogieFit Member

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    “I have never done a dance fitness class before, but I come back every week because it's so fun and such a great workout!”

    BoogieFit Member

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    “BoogieFit isn't the same. Workout classes at the gym bored me. BoogieFit is fresh and fun every week. Keeping me on my toes. Literally & figuratively. ”

    BoogieFit Member

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    “BoogieFit was exactly what I was looking for. Learning new dance routines, but also toning and stretching. ”

    BoogieFit Member

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    “Love the Variety in Dances!”

    Happy BoogieFit Member

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    “Our class size continues to grow every month! ”

    Happy BoogieFit Member

How Does This Work? 

  • You're maxed out with all the responsibilities of being a studio owner
  • You don't have time to create & market a new program  
  • You've tried offering adult classes... and they aren't consistent. The numbers ebb & flow and you just can't count on them.  

I get it, I've been there. But...

Every year more & more students are graduating out of our studios & creating careers & families of their own but guess what: 

They Miss Dancing!

Get them back into YOUR studio!

By learning a NEW DANCE every month, BoogieFIT offers You the unique opportunity to grow Your studio each month Every. Single. Month. 

(like $500+ more in profits per month!)

1 Month FREE Become a Member!

 But for Real, How?

  • Adults are busy.
  • Adults aren't consistent.
  • Adults can't commit.

You guys ~ BoogieFit is the IDEAL class for busy adults.

Every Month features a New Dance!  Providing You the Unique Opportunity to bring NEW clients through your doors every month!  Yet, challenging students who have been with you for years! 

How cool is that?  Grow you can grow your studio Every. Single. Month!

1 Month FREE Become a Member!


  • A weekly 45-60 minute class for adults
  • Learn a Fun Dance over the course of a month!

  • Add in some stretching, toning, & a little sweat 

  • Students leave RAVING, “This is the BEST CLASS & Workout EVER!” 


Because they're DANCING!

Dancing is FUN!

Fun choreography + Great Music= Having a Blast! 

What is included in a BoogieFit Curriculum?

Fun, High Energy Dance Fitness class designed in HIP HOP and JAZZ that ANY dance teacher can teach!  The tools and coaching are all there to set you up for success!

Your Monthly Curriculum includes: 

  • Warm Up Playlist via a link to Spotify
  • Warm Up Video for you to watch, get ideas, and add your own personal flare
  • Link to Monthly song via a link to Spotify
  • 4 individual Break out Videos; less than 5 min. each teaching you what to teach each week in class
  • Cool Down Playlist via a link to Spotify
  • Cool Down Video for you to watch, get ideas and add your own personal flare
  • 3 Customizable Graphics for you to post on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Newsletter
  • Monthly Marketing Tips & Ideas that you can apply to not only to BoogieFit, but other classes
  • Copy description of the dance for you to share with your tribe 
  • Access to Coaching from the BoogieFit staff.
  • Private Facebook Page Community to share your results with this class, and be encouraged by others in the world offering this stellar class!   
Yes! A FREE Month Please! Become a Member!

Still have a few questions? No prob.  Just Email Me! 

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