#155: Eight Steps to be "The Only Option in Town!" step #3

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We are continuing our deep dive into our Google Business Profile!  Today we are doing step #3

Do you know that only 44% of business owners claim their Google Business Profile?  And out of them, only 50 % actually do anything with it?  Rebel Woman, PLEASE don't miss out!  Tap into this FREE resource to get more of your perfect people in your doors faster!  


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#153: Eight Steps to be "The Only Option in Town!"

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As a studio owner I’m sure you have lots of goals for 2023!  Me too.  But quick tip - they don’t all have to be done now. 

In this next season, we’re going to dive into getting found, liked and trusted faster!  All for free using your Google Business Profile.  

Do you know that only 44% of business owners claim their Google Business Profile?  And out of them, only 50 % actually do anything with it?  Rebel Woman, PLEASE use this free resource to get more of your perfect people…

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#152: Gold Medal Hockey Player And Entrepreneurship

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I’m not a hockey fan.  Actually, I don’t even like it - although I do my best when watching my daughter.  However, when I heard Olympic Champion Karyn Bye speak at an area networking event, I was blown away with the huge take aways that could be applied to business. 

If you need a little bit of ammunition to start your 2023 - take a listen and learn from what Gold medalist AND Silver medalist Karyn Bye taught me.



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#150: Want More Profits in 2023? Three Must Do's

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Sometimes the breakthrough you are needing is right under your nose. It may actually be screaming at you. In hindsight mine was. I was burnt out, and my families were telling me exactly what they wanted.

So I made one tweak in my business model and committed 110% to it.

And then I learned, and tweaked again.😉

And now I LOVE what we are known for, and how this single product offer has grown my studio business an average of 22% each year.


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#148: Want More Profits in 2023? Three Must Do's



The average small business owner grows at a 10-15% in revenue each year.  Some of you are crushing it. But here’s the nitty gritty.  How profitable are you?  A good profit margin is 10-20%.  How are you sitting there? 

As we wrap up 2022, we can start to look at where we want to be for 2023.  But how will we get there?  I get the wheels rolling in this episode with some action items you can do right now to start being more profitable in 2023.  


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#145: 9 Tips to Make Your Next Community Event More Money

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Stop leaving money on the table. Stop leaving opportunity on the table and stop leaving your brand on the table.

I’m talking all about events - where YOU’RE the guest. Purchasing a table or booth or volunteering your time, energy and resources to get your brand in front of the community.

Today I’m going to share 9 tips to maximize your efforts so that you’re cashing in on your efforts.


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#144: Slay Your Back Friday Weekend- Free Gift Included

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As studio owners we have an awesome responsibility and opportunity every day, but especially now. As the Holidays approach we can provide top notch service and deliverables the big box stores just can’t.

In this episode I’ll share why I think 2022 has the potential to be the best Black Friday Event ever. I’ll share with you my exact framework for creating an epic Black Friday event that will put a little more jingle in your pocket and finish 2022 strong.

Grab my free download…

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#143: Before You Hire a Business Coach Remember These Two Points



Hiring a business coach for studio owners is a wise decision. Growing and scaling your business is an awesome thing.  And believe it or not, there are a lot of people/organizations that can help you a long your journey.  

So with 2022 in the final months, this is a great time of year to start researching and considering a business coach so you can launch your 2023 in the right direction. Today I breakdown what you two things you must consider based on my experience of working …

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#134: From Local to Global - Achieving Top Dollar Status with Celeste Vee


Today is a guest podcast with my steller powerhouse client Celeste!

I’ve had the privilege to work with Celeste Vee for the past 18 months and in that time we have transformed her business from best kept secret to a global, high ticketed, super niche offer!

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:
1. How and why she decided she needed business coaching
2. How her SEO not only rocked her business but also her mindset
3. How to leverage collaborations for ultimate visibilit…

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122: How My Gardening Hobby Taught me about Business


#122 - How My Gardening Hobby Taught me about Business

Do you have a hobby?

Many brick and mortar business owners may claim to have a hobby, but don’t actually do it. So are you the exception? If you are, what is your hobby?

Me? I love to garden. In fact, I’ve learned a lot about business through putzing in my garden. From placement, to timing, to soil, from too much sun or too little water. Take a listen and enjoy.

Did you love today's podcast? 🙌

  1. Take…

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