Ep. 220: Beyond SEO: Navigating Real-Life Business Challenges with Resilience and Passion

Transform your brick-and-mortar business into a community icon with real insights and actionable strategies. From SEO mastery to social media leverage, become 'The Only Option in Town!'

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214: The Subtle Art of Selling: What You Need to Know with Nikki Rausch


Get ready to supercharge your sales game because in today's podcast, we've got the dynamic Nikki Rausch joining us. With her extensive background in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Nikki is the ultimate authority when it comes to sealing the deal.

For all you brick and mortar business owners out there, this episode is tailor-made for you. We know that closing sales in person presents unique challenges, and Nikki is here to arm you with invaluable strategies and insights to ace those face-to-face in…

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193: Navigating Life's Uncertainties: A Compassionate Approach to Future Planning with Mary Beth Simón

In today's podcast, we're delving into the essential but often overlooked topics of planning for the "what if" and "when." These are conversations that tug at the heartstrings but are undeniably crucial. Let's get real—building your Brick and Mortar business as the community's top choice is a monumental achievement. But what's the game plan for those unpredictable #life moments?

Enter the wonderful Mary Beth Shimon. We're opening up about facing reality, discussing the nitty-gri…

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#146: Ten effective ideas to WOW your clients, team & community



As we head into my favorite holiday I want to say thank you to all of you who have listened, encouraged, left reviews and shared this podcast. Brick and Mortar Visibility has been around 146 episodes.

Today I wanted to talk about simple yet effective ways we can show appreciation to our clients, our team, and our tribe.

So much of running a successful studio business is relationships, connection and authenticity. So today I wanted to share with you 10 ways that I do this in…

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#143: Before You Hire a Business Coach Remember These Two Points



Hiring a business coach for studio owners is a wise decision. Growing and scaling your business is an awesome thing.  And believe it or not, there are a lot of people/organizations that can help you a long your journey.  

So with 2022 in the final months, this is a great time of year to start researching and considering a business coach so you can launch your 2023 in the right direction. Today I breakdown what you two things you must consider based on my experience of working …

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#138: When Closing My Business Was Not an Option

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You’ve often heard that the best ideas or spikes of growth in our business come out of necessity. In this podcast I share just that.

In the midst of my worst summer in business ever, I had to take a really hard look at what could I “get rid of” in the short term, so that I could literally keep my doors open.

The solution was right under my nose, and has opened my mind to what it could look like going forward in my studio business.

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#137: My Top 3 Tools for Any Studio Business


Running a successful studio business comes down to a few tools and systems done really well, consistently.

Here I share my favorite that I use daily, and can help any studio owner run their business like a well oiled machine.

This is a must listen!

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#135: Life Lessons from Baby #4

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As humans in the world we learn from many people. Teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, parents and even our kiddos.

In this episode, I just had to share with you because my sweet baby #4 offered some insight on who, what and how we could get even better in our business.

I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy sharing.

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The Only Thing You Need to Focus On for Ultimate Growth

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#133: The Only Thing You Need to Focus On for Ultimate Growth



“Get Better and Your Clients will Demand that You Get Bigger” S. Cathy Truett

I remember hearing this word of advice about three years ago and it stopped me in my tracks. And it’s too good not to share and dive in on how we can get better.

As much as we focus on more, we’d do ourselves a big service if we just focused on getting better at what we already have in place.

Listen in on how I share key times that we need to reflect to get better and how to set about doing it.


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#132: Stop Making Your New Employee Work So Hard!



 Hiring team members is a huge part of scaling your business. However many business owners find it super hard to onboard and train them because of time.

Listen in as I share a quick tip on how you can help your new team member get into the groove quicker, easier AND help you with future onboarding processes and systems.

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