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127: Eight Ways Your Leaving Money on the Table for Studio Owners


As studio owners,  you work so hard to get people IN YOUR DOORS to try out your services.  And many of you do it exceptionally well. 

However, what happens when people do not become clients on the spot? 

Do you have a plan in place to keep loving on those people?

Many of you don’t - and this is where so many studio owners are losing money.  Big time. 

Listen in as I share some tough love and practical advice for you to turn those warm leads into raving clients.  


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126: Twenty Places You're Not Using to Get Clients for FREE!


Summer can be a slower time as a studio owner.  So it’s a great time to take a much needed break or get re-energized by going to a conference or retreat. It’s also a great time to take a look at some pieces in your business so that fall enrollment can be the best ever. 

If you have an opt in for your people, (if you don’t we must talk) you want to make sure EVERYONE knows about it AND it’s easy to find.  So here are 20 places to make sure you are putting that free tria…

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125: The Only Option You Have During Life's Hardest Seasons


#125 - The Only Option You Have During Life's Hardest Seasons

As a studio owner, you know there are different seasons to running a successful brick + mortar business. 🙋‍♀️

And every year you keep going it creates more confidence, more momentum and more data to pull from for when the seasons of business ownership don’t go quite as planned.

In this episode, I share the nitty gritty of a recent season I experienced - where I was on the floor in the fetal position. C…

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124: {Healthy in the Valley Series} Connected through Mind, Body and Soul with Dr. Jennifer Shupe

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I love connecting with other Brick and Mortar business women.
These ladies are powerhouses. They are doing all the things WELL.  🙌🏻

In this episode we chat about the importance of investing in yourself and learning from others.  Both in your industry and outside your industry.  We also acknowledge the importance of leaning into and surrounding ourselves with people that …

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123: From Frazzled Chaos to Courageous Clarity


#123 - From Frazzled Chaos to Courageous Clarity

Do you take a CEO Day?

Chances are you do but you’re probably calling them a “work day” or an “office day.” 

Today we’re doing to dive into what I have coined my “CEO Day” and why they are monumental to your mindset and kickass growth in your business. 

I’m going to leave with you 5 tips to make your next CEO Day a huge success.  Leaving you so refreshed and revived you’ll be getting the next one booked ASAP …

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122: How My Gardening Hobby Taught me about Business


#122 - How My Gardening Hobby Taught me about Business

Do you have a hobby?

Many brick and mortar business owners may claim to have a hobby, but don’t actually do it. So are you the exception? If you are, what is your hobby?

Me? I love to garden. In fact, I’ve learned a lot about business through putzing in my garden. From placement, to timing, to soil, from too much sun or too little water. Take a listen and enjoy.

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121: How Dating Proved to Me that My Marketing Was Working


#121 - How Dating Proved to Me that My Marketing Was Working

My favorite 4 words - "I see you everywhere!"

And I want that for your brick and mortar service based business. So how do you do that?

For me, it’s as customized as you are. Running a business is a marathon, not a sprint. So let’s make sure you are marketing your business in a way that’s going to work for you for the long haul. Because you have other things to do!

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120: How To Be a Kickass Mama AND Business Owner

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#120- How To Be a Kickass Mama AND Business Owner

Being a mama and business owner is NO small task. Add in being a single mama, and the deck is STACKED.

One of the questions I get asked the most is “how do I do it all!?” There are many ways, but in this episode I share with you my top 3 ways to be a better mom and business owner. Practical and real. Because let’s be real. We have things to do and places to be.

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119:{Healthy in the Valley} Five Essentials to Max Living with Dr. Jeremy Bischoff



Meet Dr. Jeremy Bischoff - a leader in his industry and powerhouse brick + mortar business owner who’s passionate about serving those who want to restore function and be able to live the life they were meant for on their terms.

Dr. Jeremy Bischoff  is part of the 2nd edition of Healthy in the Valley. 

Healthy in the Valley is a FREE digital resource for the entire St. Croix Valley.  

In each publication, you’ll find the areas best &  leading business owners who ar…

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118: Why You're Missing Out on Sales By Not Using Email - Three Tips to Improve


#117 -Why You're Missing Out on Sales By Not Using Email - Three Tips to Improve

As a Brick + Mortar business we have so many ways that we can get more eyes on our business. But once people see our business and perhaps be come a client, we need to take care of them. 

Email is my most favorite way to take care of leads, current clients and past clients.  Yes, once a client ALWAYS a client.  (they refer!)

If you’re not using email marketing as your #1 strategy to…

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