Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

I recently heard someone say, "I am so glad I am not getting married these days... there are too many options!"  They were referring to all the social media, with Pinterest getting top billing. And y'all, I couldn't agree more. Wow... My head started to spin just thinking about all the possibilities of influence one has in making their special day...well, special.


Some of you might be in that season of life, and if you are... I can only imagine the complete overwhelm and images of perfection that fill your mind and news feed. I personally remember sitting with bridal magazines back in the day and creating my own vision board... anyone else? 

But after all the dreamy pictures, and color schemes and menu choices.... it really came down to two things. 

#1. Budget (cha ching)

#2. Theme. 

Once those two items were in place, then the other myriad of decisions could be whittled down.

And as I look at my businesses, I've had the same experience.  Budget & Theme.  I'm going to start with #2.  Theme... because theme will have a direct effect on #1!

Many studios theme their recital or annual concert... which is great!  But I want to niche it down a little, actually a lot further.  I've learned that the more niche you are, the better.  Personally, it's a hard concept for me to follow, especially when I was starting out.  When starting out, most of us are figuring out we're even good at, let alone niche.  And just because we happen to be good at something in our twenties and thirties, doesn't mean we wanna stay there in our forties and fifties. I digress...  

But I've learned something big these past few years. (shocking, I know)

Here's the deal. I've been offering summer camps for 10+ years.  When I first did them, they filled up. Fast.  Boom!  YAY! 

Then, after a couple years, I started seeing a little lull in my attendance.  As I have mentioned before, when I'm panicky I talk. And I received some great advice.  "Maybe you should offer a princess camp?  Or a Rock Star camp." 

(Ummm, y'all, I don't do princesses.  I'm one of those weird dance teachers who would really rather teach technique and foundations, then get all dolled up with costumes and props and themes.  Even if it is summer and it's suppose to be "fun.")  

Well, after another summer of lower numbers then I wanted, I decided that maybe I should listen to the advice I was given and try one of those themed dance camps.  

DING DING DING! or should I say, CHA CHING!

The best part?  They were filled with wait lists! And because I was able to fill to capacity, I was able to partner with another amazing business woman in my area, an actor who's making her own high demand work.

Together, we took my dance camps to another level. Nicole comes to my dance camp for a magical hour and brings Moana, or whomever I am featuring, to life!  She sings, she tells their story, she engages, and she creates an memory that will last a lifetime for these kiddos. It's truly magical, and it makes my dance camps THE BEST experience for any 3-5 year old.  (And quite honestly, for a 40 year old something that doesn't do princesses)

Themes are Huge! 

My friend and colleague, Megan has learned this as well.  She and has made a whole new business out of creating amazing themed curriculum for young dancers so dance studios don't have to create their own. I've used her material in my class and I love the simplicity of having EVERYTHING done.  So if you're looking for something to take your baby classes to the next level, please check out Megan at Princess Ballerinas. 

But Themes aren't just for Kiddos...

I've taken what I've learned with my littles and applied it to my Adult classes.  My marketing is no longer, "Come to BoogieFit, at 6:30pm"  but rather... "Next Month we're dancing to Cardi B's "I Like It!"  come join the fun! We'll mambo and hip hop our way into a kick butt workout that leaves you feeling HOT!" 

Posting on social media, my newsletter, my blog, and my stories not only gets me energized to teach it ~ but it gets my audience excited, and people talking and sharing! AND, because the song/theme is announced, people have a good idea of what to expect when they come in the door!  

And once they are in the door... well, that's 90% of it!  You'll finish that last 10% off with what you do best! 

So... a little planning.  


Are you shocked? 

Ironically, the boundaries of a Theme give you Freedom to create great, memorable content for your tribe.

Oh, and the budget? When you do your niche well, that will grow... and allow you to have even Bigger Themes.

Speaking of themes. Needing a little themed music for your classes this month?  Click here for a FREE list of Halloween Music to spice up your tap or younger children's classes. 

Find this helpful?  Please share it with your tribe.  Comment with what themes have worked well for you and your business.  I know we'd all be appreciative.  And a little Thank you! just for sharing...

With Grit & Admiration, 







PS.  Wanna see an insiders glimpse to BoogieFit and how I "theme" my classes?  Click here to get access to my FREE private group!


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