Step Up, Step In or...Step Out.

It's not about Perfect... It's about EFFORT. And when YOU implement that effort into your life _ Every. Single. Day. That's where TRANSFORMATION happens. That's how CHANGE occurse. Keep Going. Remember WHY You starte (2)

What just happened to you when you read that?  Was it an "Oooooohhhh" or an "Ahhhh," or was it an "Ouch." 

Have you ever had those days, or weeks, or months... or God for bid, years... of "I'm sick and tired of spinning my wheels. Is this even really worth it?" 




Then hopefully, we see a little flicker of hope and we can keep on keeping on.  Because we're entrepreneurs.

(plus, we HAVE to be glass half full...'cuz a lot of this work is NOT like our Instagram grid.) 

You see y'all, a few years ago, I was in a place in my business where I was offering a lot of classes, but not one of them was full.  Sure I had people in them, and I was very thankful, but they weren't filled to capacity. I wasn’t bringing in any real profit.  And it stayed like that for a couple of years.  Ugh. As my financial coach Dave Ramsey, and my favorite only brother would say, "That, my friend, is a hobby." 

Have you been there?  It sucks doesn't it...

But then something happened.  I started the amazing process of divorce. 

Not what you thought I'd say, right?

Yea… good times.


Seriously... sucked. 

So, there I was.  And I figured it out real quick that I either needed to step up, or step out.  So on a leap of faith, I hired a coach, I invested in some training, and workshops and put on my brave, kick ass outfit, and went to networking events. Scared shirtless.

And. I. Learned.

I learned about business, sales and marketing.  

But y'all, guess what else happens when you learn about your business? You learn about you. And what’s important to you. And what makes you tick.  And what makes you excited and passionate, and jump outta bed in the morning. And when you figure that out? And You STEP INTO IT and OWN IT?  

You.  My Friend... are UN stoppable.

Why?  Because You're so dialed in on who YOU are, You are able to attract your ideal client with such clarity and focus that Your business booms.  And that y’all ~ is a super Exciting place to be! 

I’ve had a lot of pivotal moments in my coaching and training.  But one of my first coaches told me, and I know it seems so cliche, but Megan said, “Melissa ~ there is only one you.”  And my first thought was…. "Thank God! We don't need another one!"

But in all reality, it hit home.  Or...maybe the student was ready. 


Well, I teach this little class called “BoogieFit”.  You may have heard of it, I teach it every Monday at 6:30p out of The Dancing House, and I have a curriculum and membership based around it.  Check it out!

(Ignore the Halloween color scheme and focus on the super fun dancing!)


You guys… At it's core, it's a dance fitness class.  

Yes, it’s geared for people who grew up dancing… but none the less a dance fitness class. You guys, if you go on Youtube, there's a lot of dance fitness people out there.  I could of easily thrown in the towel when I saw all the "competition."

But I had a coach ~ who had the wisdom to tell me ~ “Melissa there is only one you and there is enough to go around. So, what makes you different? What do you have that sets you apart? What draws people to you? What else are you? There is something about YOU that resinates with your people.  So what is it?”

Well, I peeled away some layers, and figured it out.   

And those dance classes?  There're full, with wait lists.  The Online Classes are continuing to grow steadily and life feels much different. 

Have I hit my, "YES!  I've made it!?"

Hell No!

For those of you with a few more grey hairs then me, you knew that answer. The goal line always moves.  We're always learning, and growing.  But looking back now is super fun.  I'm not disappointed with where I'm at.  I'm thrilled! 

But y'all, I didn't do it alone. 

I've had coaches, mentors and really good friends who helped me, and continue to hold me accountable. 

We all need these people.  So... maybe you're 2018 wasn't all you hoped for, or maybe it WAS awesome, and you're wanting to take the next step.  Take time, reflect and step into making 2019 the year of YOUR dreams. 

Invest. Grow. Learn and Find out who You really are, so you can Shine Your Light even Brighter!



PS.  Need a little inspiration?  Download todays quote.  Print it out.  Frame it, tack it, or tape it to your forehead.  



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