Miss Melissa... why are you crying?


I lost it.  

It's the ballet portion of my littles combo class, and put on my "Possible Recital Songs" playlist and "She used to be mine" by Sara Bareilles came on. 'Nough said.  If you know the song, seriously... heart wrenching. 

But as we were doing our plies and tendu's, our normal little ballet time, all of a sudden this mama/dance teacher got all emotional... and not the dramatic happy, jumping up and down and being silly dramatics.  I had big alligator tears about to pour out of my red rimmed eyes.   I got all gooey and nostalgic watching my little 5 year olds bend and straighten, mimicking me, their dance teacher, in their best possible ways. 

Watching them ~ watching me...

I became a watery mess.  



I remember being five. 

I remember watching MY teacher with such wonder and amazement and thinking, "I wanna do this forever."




Now almost...


omg, really? no, it can't be. 

For real?     

For the LOVE!  It's almost 40 years later?  


No wonder I'm a hot mess!?   

Has anyone else see their life flash before their eyes... and think, "Is this it?" 

and then in the same breath say, "this IS it!" and it's glorious!  




All this to say, that having a Business is Emotional!  

VERY Emotional.  

It's like my good friend Jen Sincero said her her book, "You are a Badass." (a MUST listen to) I'm paraphrasing... but it's like having a baby.  It's fun, it's tiring, it's growing you, stretching you, monopolizing you, it makes you squeal with joy and then scream in pain.  And just when you think you can't do it anymore, a beautiful blessing appears. 

Y'all.  SO TRUE. 

Except, it's like having a baby Every. Single. Day.

Landing that client, or having someone hang up one you.  Getting a surprise check in the mail prepaying for six months of services, or loosing your largest client. 

It's super fun.   

One might say, one gets used to this roller coaster of entrepreneurship and after some years of wisdom, one learns to navigate these waters a bit more gracefully. 

Yea, I'm not that person.  I'm going to panic, cry, squeal, and scream.   Every. Time. 

So, because I'm a bit of a hot mess, I combat it daily, (multiple times if needed) feeding my brain good food.  I've already shared my favorite books, and some of you have contributed to the growing list.

But today I wanna share with you my favorite podcasts. I know...some of you might be rolling your eyes.  Really  Melissa? 


Why?  Because podcasts are SO accessible.  They are short, informative without making you cranky like the news, and can go anywhere with you.  Especially if you have cordless buds.  Which have changed my life y'all!

 (I told you I'm dramatic ~ but seriously though.  The Holidays are approaching. If you don't have a pair... gift yourself some. You will thank me!)   

But... I LOVE listening to different speakers of influence.  And it has been a game changer for me in keeping my head on straight, staying positively focused, and intentional in all of my businesses this year.  Creating goals, and crushing them y'all.  It's THE BEST feeling. 

So, check them out here.  

Have a favorite that you'd like to add to the list? Tell us!  PLEASE! Especially if your podcast makes you laugh out loud and pee your pants a little. I love to laugh. 

With Grit & Admiration

Melissa - Creator of BoogieFit Curriculum 






PS.  Listening to podcasts have helped me stay accountable in the parts of my life where it's easy to let go... you know, because nobody sees your bank account on Instagram.  Check out my top 10 here. 


Melissa Rose Staff

Raw Milk podcast for everything Instagram - I love Beth Kirks easy, laid back and REAL way of communicating

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Melissa Rose Staff

Lise Kuecker is another great one if you want more of a specialty studio.  "Ready, Aim, Empire" has oodles of interviews with successful studio owners.  Although she highlights yoga & pilates studios, I have taken her wisdom and applied it to my studio. 

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Melissa Rose Staff

DSOA (Dance Studio Owner Association) Creator Clint Sulter and his podcast: Transform My Dance Studio

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Melissa Rose Staff


You may like the episode, "unicorns aren't real"

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