So...What do Plie's and Cows have in Common?


Last week was Halloween, y'all. 

Last week was scary. 

Crazy scary. 

Like, UN. BE. LIEVE. A. BLE. 

Last week I hit personal goals that I've dreamed about.  And then I hit goals I didn't even know I had. And because of that... I feel I need to stop, and pause...breathe...and be thankful.

Annnnd, introduce myself! 

There are a WHOLE LOTTA new peeps checking out this blog, so I wanna make sure you all feel... well,  welcome. 

I'm Melissa to most people.  Miss Melissa to my students.  Mama to my kiddos.  Crazy lady with my friends and Missy to my dearest peeps. 

A Studio Owner, Dance Teacher and Mama to Five kiddos.  (Yup.  There're all mine.) 


I'm also a farm girl from WI.  Yup, I milked the cows and showed them. (this is my cow, Kitten.  She was beautiful. Can you stand it!?)


And I know that growing up on a farm is a big reason I am pretty darned disciplined when it comes to my work.  That, and those ballet classes.  :) On most days, you'll find me working on curriculum for my studio, or online members, or behind my computer doing the glamorous things like reach outs, follow ups a.k.a FU's, coaching clients or creating stellar online content like this.  

When not working...I LOVE seeing live theatre, going to breweries and trying their latest IPA, going on super long walks and sharing stories with my girlfriends that make us laugh til we cry or solve the worlds problems. 

I'm NOT a shopper as it stresses me out, so you'll find me wearing the same outfits over and over. My friends and oldest daughter come to my rescue when they've seen the same shirt too many times in a month. So if you happen to see me in a cute outfit, you can thank them.  

What's really crazy y'all, is that I never thought I'd be doing what I am doing today.  Writing a blog, coaching studio owners and being an industry leader teaching dance online, and bringing my curriculum to studios around the world.  It seriously blows my mind.  And yet... It's like it was meant to happen.  Little by little, it has come to be. 

It reminds me of the quote,

"We're exactly where we are suppose to be."  

Wherever you are, I hope you are learning, growing, full of gratitude and constantly looking for the omens all around you, guiding you to your next sentence, page, chapter, or book. 

So Welcome! This, is my weekly blog where I share tips, tools, encouragement and motivation for you.  Whether your a business owner, dancer, or mama, I want you to be inspired to go crush your day and be delighted with the world around you. 

With Grit and Admiration. 

Melissa - Creator of BoogieFit Curriculum






PS. And because this has NOTHING to do with Dance - my famous bread recipe! 


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