10 Steps to Start 2019 STRONG!

It's December 11th today! 


We have about 21 days yet to the end of  the year, and for some, the thought of throwing in the towel sounds lovely.  

"Put a fork in me. I'm done."

Whatever business goals have been set for 2018 are done. And, if they didn't quite hit the mark, they will go on the list for 2019.


I'm there. 

I get it.  There are a couple goals that I'm slightly irritated about putting on the "2019 Goal List" yet again.

You know that insanity quote... "keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results?"

I paraphrase. 

There's been a lot of influencers filling up my inbox with their versions of how to plan for 2019 and let me just say... they're all good.  Maybe it's because I like the feel of a fresh clean slate.  One with lots of possibilities and opportunities that could present themselves.  But I love the different perspectives of being your greatest self. It's so inspiring. 

So this year -  I've put a bit more effort into my goal setting for 2019.  Mainly because I did more goal setting in 2017, so it made my 2018 awesome.  My hope is that with even more planning in 2018 ~ 2019 will be even better.  


This is a two part blog.  A mini-training if you will. 

This week has a little "homework." I've created.  A goal exercise that will have you fired up about 2019.  It's even more drilled down then this blog because in order to succeed in our goal setting you really need to cover a range of areas in our life, be specific, AND get our belly get fired up! 

So print off the PDF that comes a long with this blog so you can write, draw, and dream.  Then put it where you can refer to it, daily, weekly and monthly.  The only way to achieve these goals is to have them IN FRONT OF YOU! 

You know the saying, "out of sight, out of mind."  (it works really well for X-mas cookies too. Kind of.)

When I set goals, I used to just do business goals.  But I have learned that if I'm succeeding in only one part of my life, there is usually another part of my life that is, well, sucking.  And it's true. 

So when casting your vision onto the vast open space of 2019 think about ALL aspects of your life.  Your family, your spirit, your partner, business, hobbies, social, and financial.  Use all these factors when going through to plan out 2019. Again, by downloading my pdf, you'll be able to do this very easily. 

SO Let's Get This Party Started!  

(I seriously love this stuff, I hope you too!)

1. Get it Out! - Think about EVERYTHING that would be really cool, awesome, amazing that you want to do. Make sure you are incorporating all aspects of your life.  Again, using my PDF will help you stay organized in this.   They can be little or small.  For example: I want to get my nails done.  Every month.  This may seem laughable to you.  But it's something in life I've always wanted, but never focused on.  I always thought... maybe someday.  Well, we all know, that day never comes unless you're intentional about it. 

2. What's OFF your table OR ON your table - I had a blast with this one.  (yes, I've done this exercise already, and it's hanging on my wall.) What would be done, gone or finished, if you could wave that magic wand?  Or what HAS to be part of your life, no questions asked.  For some of you it might be a weekly date with your partner.  Weeks go so fast, and it's easy to stay in one week, only to have a month go by, and you're like, "Who are you?"  So, get specific.  No exceptions. 

3. What it's all worth? - Priceless, right?  But now we get more specific without going full on into the budgeting.  But what are the financial numbers you want to hit, or need to have in order to achieve the vacation, or getting the nails done.  The key here is be specific.  Again, print out my PDF so you can be clear about what numbers your putting down. 

4. Look Back to Move Forward - Remember, that the rearview mirror is smaller then the windshield, but both are needed to drive the car. This exercise is huge in planning.  If you had a great 2018, what worked? Why? What made it great?  What can be duplicated or grown? What can be done better? Now add that wisdom into your worksheet. 

5. Plan it out - I'm sure you've heard the saying, "Plan your work, then work your plan."  It's as easy as that.  Get out that calendar, or make your own HUGE one. (Seriusly, I have 8x11 sheets of paper on my walls so I can visualize my 2019 goals.) Plug in the goals and notes on the months they need to go.  You may find that some months have a little more white space.  YAY!  GOOD!  You need rest. Plan for it!  

6. What are you Going to Wear? -  You still reading?  Good.  But you're probably like, "huh?"  But stay with me.  When I'm feeling a little insecure, or outside my comfort zone like a networking or social event, I put on a kick ass outfit.  And guess what, I show up differently.  I am more confident, intentional, open for conversation and always have a better time.  The same goes for your goals.  How do you need to show up mentally, physically, emotionally?  It will be different for different aspects of your life.  For my family? I need to be intentional about making the time to listen more.  

7. Accountability - Who do you need in your tribe to help you succeed? To hold you accountable? Who can you trust in each of your areas to encourage, speak truth, pick you up, or guide you?  A friend? Colleague? Do you need to hire a coach to take you to the next level?  Hire a therapist to help navigate the emotional side of life? Reach out, find, hire or book the appointment. 

8. Let's Do This! - You can think, plan and analyze all you want.  But that won't help you achieve anythingYou gotta move.  But you can't accomplish your goals all at the same time.  In step 5 we talked about planning it out.  So what actionable items can you do NOW, so that you can see success coming your way in January? 

9. Pray or Meditate -  Now that you've done this fun exercise you probably feel like you're in complete control of your life!  (It's the most awesome feeling isn't it?) But let's be real...  Put it on your wall, or a place you'll see it every day and pray or meditate or shout it to the Universe.  I'm a faith filled woman, and I love the saying, "We make a plan and God laughs."  Yes, there are going to be curve balls thrown at us in life.  That's just part of the deal.  But we can do our part in planning our best life and work the plan. But ultimately we gotta let go and let God.  



That was a lot.  But I hope it was helpful. Please take a moment to download the pdf.  When you can really write these thoughts down, it's amazing what can happen!  Think BIG!  And Be Brave!  

Wait!  That was only 9.

Yup, Next week, we'll talk about step 10.  It deserves its own blog ~ it's that fun!

Hope this helps y'all. 

Comment with a Goal that you crushed in 2018 or one you're gonna crush in 2019! 








PS.  Ready to start 2019 strong?  Click here for my worksheet to get you started of crushing January!


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