Do you Fall into this Statistic?

So, I'm thinking Hell Froze Over...

(Never mind that most of the country has experienced record temps today.)

I'm not usually a numbers gal.  I mean, I've counted in multiples of eight most of my life and I always enjoy a few extra zeros in my checking account.  But these numbers blew my socks off!

So I just had to share with y'all what I learned this week.  Perhaps you're ahead of the game on this, and if you are - gold star for you.  But I wanted  to talk about this important topic.  

It's really sexy. 

Like hot.





Email Marketing. 

Yea. Lit your pants on fire hey? 


Seriously.  This topic gets a bad rap.  But Maybe after you read these jaw dropping stats, you'll have a bit more respect for this effective tool in our toolbox.  Kinda like the hammer.  Every toolbox has one and everyone has the basic idea on how to use it, but we don't go around singing it's praises.  But if you're toolbox that doesn't HAVE a hammer, everyone knows about it. And then they go and buy you a pink one. 

I've heard. 

Ok, back on topic.  

But after stewing on these numbers I'm going to share with you, I realize they are spot on.  It's exactly what I'm seeing in my business. 

I'm probably dating myself a bit, but I think most of you will remember the days when you'd go to the mail box and get flyers, newsletters, and magazines galore!  Most of the time they'd just show up. You had no idea how or why because you never bought anything from that company or business before.   

And then before you knew it, your looking through that catalog and picking out a tool belt that can hold your new pink hammer!


See how we've evolved?

Now we have Email.  Every platform you go to asks for your personal email address to either get their latest Freebie or Discounted items.  And as much as we may not like to get all those emails in our inbox, they do work. 

So, What do You Need to Know...

Do NOT Under Estimate the VALUE of Your Email List. 

As a business coach, I have heard more then a few times from my clients that they think email is old fashioned, or they don't want to bother or add more clutter to their potential clients' inbox. 

Yea, I get it. 

I'm doing it right now to you. 

But let me give you some real numbers a.k.a. facts.  

  • Email marketing is the king of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent
  • 72% of people prefer to receive promotional content through email rather then social media
  • Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails
  • 66% of people purchase directly from an email
  • 80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention
  • and I love this one: 3.57% of people click through a link on an email vs. .07% on social media

You guys this is Huge!  

And yet so many people are out their trying to help you with your social media marketing campaign, or tweaking their FB ads hoping they will add more dollars to their bank account.  Eeek, I fall into this trap too.  I work so hard on making sure my social platforms look and sound great, and yet, I put so little effort into my emails in comparison. 

I gotta change my focus. 

No, I'm going to change my focus.  

Here are some reasons why Email is so much more effective. 

  • Think of their mindset.  Social media is to entertain, catch up, see what's happening and be inspired. 
  • Once you are in their inbox, you aren't competing for their attention!  It's just you and them! 
  • 77% of people prefer to get permission-based promotional messages via email.  They asked for it.  They want it. So give it to them!
  • You are able to speak to them in a real way.  Like they are sitting right next you on the couch.  Just Like I'm doing now to you!  I'm not shouting.  Really! I'm bundled up in my favorite sweater, drinking tea and just talking out loud.  Like any other normal person who talks to their computer screen. 

So... I had to share. Because when I learn something that blows my socks off, I gotta share it with my tribe.

Hope you found this as helpful and useful as I did. 

Now go crush the rest of your day!






Matt Kendziera

She speaks the truth! It will be interesting to see if the trend continues, but as of now this is absolutely true! I recently heard that a 2000 person email list should transfer to 3-5k/mo!

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Melissa Rose

YES Matt!  I find your statistic true here for me as well! Although they have to be the RIGHT people.  And that's the million dollar ticket. But my list of just over 1k brings in about 5k a month! 
Ps.  Thanks for commenting.

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