When Stubborn Meets Curiosity..

OK.  I gotta secret y'all. 

And I just need to get it out there. 

Some of you may hate me for it. 

But I'll take my chances. 

I'm not a Rachel Hollis fan.  


I know. 


And that was kinda hard to admit.

For some of you, you may need to pick your jaw up off your lap, and for others, you may be like, "So what!"  And still others, you might be like, 'Who?"

So let me just take a hot second to get us all on the same page. The beautiful Ms. Rachel Hollis is an author, used to be blogger, podcaster and over all amazing woman who has made a name for herself, in my opinion, by being a survivor of life.  She is an encourager and influencer.  And she has a heart of service that genuinely wants to help and motivate people to be their best self.  She's also a mama of four kiddos and married to a "hunky husband." (Her words.) Ms. Rachel Hollis is the girl next door that can friends to anyone, and people LOVE HER.  Everyone. 

She is the IT girl right now. And she's everywhere I look. 

Don't get me wrong.  I enjoyed her book, "Girl Wash Your Face" but I'm not a huge, oh-my-gosh-I-have-to-go-to-the-movie-theater-that-is-thrity-miles-away-so-I-can-watch-a-documentary-about-her-upcoming-book-type of person. 

So when my business coach sent me a link to her latest podcast, I was a bit confused.  After all, she knows my feelings on Ms. Hollis, because she invited me to the above mentioned documentary.  

But my curiosity got the best of me.  And shortly into the podcast, I realized WHY my coach sent me the link.  


This podcast was AWESOME. I literally listened to it twice, the second time pausing multiple times to write down all the amazing nuggets that filled it. In fact, it was so good, I simple had to share it with you. 

Now, to be clear, it was Rachel being amazing by having this ultra-amazing person on her podcast. Rachel Hollis was interviewing the great John Maxwell. 

I knew that he was an author.  But shame on me, I hadn't read any of his books. (yet) My dad had his audio cd's on his desk for years.  But man, that was years ago.... was this the same John Maxwell? 

Yup.  71 year old John Maxwell.

If you've ever wanted a father figure for leadership mentoring, or grandfather for some of you, this guy is it.  Loving, sincere, authentic, knowledgable, calming, and encouraging that I leaned in and hung on every single word.  The type person that will protect you from making the big mistakes in your business or life, if you just follow his sounds advice.

If you're not on his encouraging email list: Get to it! 

So this podcast had some zingers.  I was going to list 10.  But then, narrowed it down to 5.  Now I'm at 3 Nuggets, because there is just so much goodness to unpack.  But after reading this blog, please go do something great for yourself.  Go and listen. It's that epic 

Nugget #1    "Every Day You are Repairing or Preparing"

Oh, how I loved this simple phrase. 

YES.  Days are spent reacting or getting ready for the next big thing. 

I have been taught to do your reactive work later in the day because otherwise you'll never get to that income producing activity. I.P.A. 

So I start my day at 5:15a with the work that is going to move my business forward first.  Then deal with sewing the straps on my kiddos costume that she needs tonight during my afternoon lull because let's face it, that's not helping my business grow and she should of told me about that, um, I don't know... when she tried the costume on two weeks ago saw that the straps were too long? 

Personally, my goal is to be preparing more.  Reading more, learning more, listening more.  Having more conversations and being more open to the opportunities that are presented around me.  Quietly, listening.  Observing intentionally.


Nugget #2     "Whiners need to feel good to do something, Winners do something to feel good"

Ouch. Anyone? 

This one resonated big time for me.  Yikes. I'm a procrastinator and often justify that I can't create content until I feel right. Whether it's choreography, writing, or making a family dinner. I need to be in the moment.   

Well, that little number has held up a big fat B.S. hand in my face so many times. My classes need to be prepped, my business needs to run and the kids gotta eat.  So creativity just needs to come... I can't wait for it.  Or fake the creativity and make grilled cheese. 

Don't get me wrong.  I get my chocolate, or coffee or glass of wine to get those creative juices flowing.  But waiting for the right moment... see above about "preparing more..."

And now a little math: If you do Nugget #1 + Nugget #2 you'll get Nugget #3. 

And I hope you love it as much as I did.

Nugget #3  Consistency Compounds


Oh My Goodness!


It literally kicked me in the stomach and rocked my total being.  I may have cried.  (I did.)  Because I know this to be true. 

I've experienced it so many times and I've watched it happen to others.

And yet I cried.


'Cuz I'm afraid. 

I'm afraid that this new pivot in my business that I started will not be as successful as I envisioned. Maybe I'll be the one to fall through the cracks on this "nugget."  Or the one that did everything like I was suppose to do, but somehow didn't have that big success that I dreamed of. 

Anyone?  Anyone feel like you've been doing ALL the homework.  The daily IPA and it's still isn't coming?  

Let me share with you a little story. 

I have BFF who's a realtor.  We walk together quite often and conquer all the worlds problems. 

This week on our walk she was whining, (and that's putting it mildly) that she needs to do these reach outs for her business.  Ten calls.  Ten conversations.  10.  Yikes, I couldn't blame her disposition.  That's a lot of talking to people for this introvert. That is why I blog. 

But while she's complaining -  telling me she doesn't want to do them, and that she's struggling I remembered what John Maxwell said, and what I have experienced in my own business. 

And I finally just said, "Make the flippin' calls, girl!" (again, putting it mildly) "If you want to hit your big ass goals, you gotta do what you haven't done before. So just do it!"

"Yea, I know." she says. 


Maybe I was too blunt. 

Maybe I should of just quietly listened, and nodded my head in understanding. I mean, good friends are hard to come by.  

Well, later that night, my BFF called me and left the giddiest voicemail!

"Let me tell you about my amazing day! and how I flippin' crushed it!"

(putting it mildly)

She made those calls, and now has three. THREE! 3 new clients!  Buying or listing houses.  Those aren't $50 paychecks y'all.


Consistency Compounds. 

It's that simple. You may feel like nothing is happening. For a long time you may feel that. Weeks. Months, and yes, even years. We all feel it.  Every flippin' day I feel it.  But I continue to do the work, because I believe and I trust that it WILL provide.  

And it has. 

It does. 

And it will. 

Now, take a moment and listen to Mr. Maxwell yourself.  His voice will give you such encouragement you'll be able to take on anything!  

And if you need someone to whine to?  I'm here.  Comment below with what you're struggling with.  And I'll respond!  (mildly)








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