The Million $ Idea Sitting in YOUR Studio

Welcome back to another week of #WithGritandAdmiration

Today we are in the second part of a three part series of Growing Smarter. (Click here to check out last weeks post.)

As a teacher, studio owner, business owner and plain "old" human of this world, I am always striving to be better then I was the last time.  Whether it's last year, last week, or two minutes ago when I shoved that third brownie in my mouth.

Of course, it is my assumption you are like that too.  But you know what "they" say when we assume. 

Which takes me back to a college class. 


Stay with me. 


I remember one of the first days of a new semester, sitting in a dance class and the professor asked, "What you would like to work on or improve over this new semester."  And a student said, "I just want to maintain my dancing." 

My memory is foggy on what exactly happened next.  I'm not sure if the teacher called her out right there, or if, as an upper class man at the time, was privy to insider access.  But I do remember comments from the faculty about the lack luster answer the student gave about "Maintaining her dancing." 

What I personally remember feeling... "but wait, why is that bad?"

To step back a bit, the student could of been 18-20 years old.  Perhaps she had worked so hard to get her dancing to a new level at the university setting, that the thought of working harder get even better was completely overwhelming.  Maybe there were other classes that were going to be pulling her focus and time, so that the thought of extra time in the studio to grow just wasn't going to logically happen.  So by answering "maintaining her dancing level," wasn't arrogant or lack luster.  In her mind, it may have been a wise answer. 

Now fast forward a lot of years. (seriously, omg, I just did the math.  I might have tears in my eyes.) 

As a business owner, I can't help think about what about people who want to "Maintain my business." 

Just like loosing weight.  There is a TON of work to get there.  But once you hit your goal, it still takes work to maintain it.  The work may not appear to be as "hard," but it's still work.  

Maybe you're at that stage in your business where you have grown to what you like. And now you'd like to create better systems so you can start to step away from the day to day and ENJOY what you've created a bit more. 

Honestly, You're my Hero.  

But back to the vision of growing.  Maybe you'd like to get to the next level in your business.  

So today I'm going to share with you some ideas that can spark a little flame?  Maybe to consider or jump on in!  These ideas aren't "new." In fact I wrote a blog about "5 quick ideas to grow" way back when I was just starting out.  I also have included ideas that I have taken from the oodles of dance teachers, coaches, podcasters, influencers, authors, movers, shaker & entrepreneurs that I have listened, read, talked and worked with. 

SO... Just take a deep breath and say, "Wouldn't it be really cool if I... " 

Remember... this is to have fun, and maybe light a spark in you. You aren't tied to any answer.  Just striking the match of possibilities.

I'm going to break these down into three categories.  Single, Double and Triple Pirouette growth!  I know... but it plays into have FUN with this all.  I am just listing these.  In fact, I have a FREE Download that I want you to grab. I give you even more detail of these listed as well as other ideas that I think you'd love. 

So let's get started. 

Single Pirouette Ideas - $10k

  • Sell more to existing students/families
  • Sell Merchandise
  • Bring in more students
  • Spring Break Camp
  • Summer Camps
  • Holiday Recital
  • Birthday Parties
  • Daddy Daughter Dance - Tip that I love: Have dance senior group provide hair and make-up for the attendees as and additional fundraiser for team costumes etc.

Double Pirouette Ideas - $100k +

  • A whole NEW Program
    • Acro -Tumbling
    • Cheer
    • Musical Theatre
    • Hip Hop
    • Music Lessons
    • Acting Lessons
  • Reach a whole NEW Demographic 
    • Parent Child Classes
    • Couples
    • Pre-School Before & After School

Triple Pirouette Ideas - $100k +

  • Grow your presence
    • Take on another location
    • Add onto your current space
    • Partner with Park & Rec programs or  Community Education and teach in their spaces.
  • Teacher Certification Program
    • Partner with other studios to provide a teacher certification program in your area.  Students would have to take this in order to get hired to teach dance.
  • Create an event for others
    • Other Studios
    • Other Entrepreneurs
  • Become a Class Act in your field
    • Create a Certification
    • Create an online Course or Curriculum


Anything put a little spark in you?  Maybe a flame of thought? 

I encourage you to grab the download here.  It not only breaks down these ideas further but provides a few more really cool ideas.  And y'all,it's FREE! 

Remember... to get different results we can't do the same things.  Perhaps just a small tweak in what you offer or HOW you offer it could take  you to the next level.  

I'm excited to hear what you think!  If you have a creative - out of the box idea that wasn't shared, comment below!  We all would appreciate the love.  

Next week, we will fast forward to how to handle all that growth by taking some disciplined, but super rewarding steps now.

 See you next week!







PS. I know you're busy, so if you rather, Grab the FREE download.  In the 3 page document I have LOTS of ideas as well as tips for taking them to the next step.  


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