Are you a Decisive Decision Maker?

Last year about this time, my dear college roommate texted me and asked,

"Hey, you want to go see Hamilton? ... On Broadway?"  

Um, Yea. 

"I got us tickets!" she texted. 

Check my calendar.  Holy cats!  It works... I don't have my kiddos that weekend!  YES I CAN SO GO!

Fast forward six months.  

Life happens.

I switch my weekend schedule with my ex without thinking about this epic weekend that was already in the works. 

Fast forward 2 more months. 

I ask my ex if he would like to take the kids or switch a weekend, so I can go to NYC stress free.  (You know the answer.)

Then, I call my parents who live six hours away.  "Hey, could you come up and watch my kiddos that weekend?"  They are semi-retired.  

Well, they could... but could the kids go there, because they would like to "get some work done around their home." 

Alrighty then.  No prob.

So I plan to pull kids out of school on Thursday after my morning class, drive 3 hours to meet parents, then drive 3 hours back to so I can still teach my evening classes without paying for a sub. Then Sunday do the same thing again, after flying back after my "amazing trip to NYC." 

Fast forward 6 weeks.  (2 weeks before the trip.) 

Reality sets in, and I realize that I physically cannot do what I thought.  That much driving to meet my parents, and teach and go to NYC didn't even work out! It's didn't give me any wiggle room incase more life happened.  There literally weren't enough hours in the day.  

Now I had to try and get a local sitter for the weekend to take care of five kiddos.  If I found one, they would also need my van, because no normal car fits five kids, which means I now I also needed to ask people to drive me to and from airport.  Add to that, my ex now couldn't take kids at all the week leading up to the trip, so now I had to find child care Friday morning to get the kiddos off to school because my flight left at 7am.


All this extra help was adding up to a number I didn't want to spend for a weekend trip that would be less then 48 hours in NYC.  

So two weeks before the trip I quit. I canceled.  I couldn't do it. 


Amy had her own set of hoops to jump through.   

Amy is my bestie who put herself out there over a year ago and got the Hamilton tickets via a lottery.  

In 2008 Amy starts the process of forward many years, she is paired up with Stanley in Haiti, and is planning a second trip to visit with him right after our NYC trip.

About ten days before the trip Amy's sister, who was also going on the trip, now decides to stay home to help with some family commitments. 

Now Amy has another extra ticket to "sell."

The morning Amy leaves for the airport, her cat of 12 years as a seizure and dies.  

Amy finally get's to NYC on Thursday, only to have her luggage get lost. 

Guess what? In NYC  - it's pouring rain. 


Why tell you all this drama?  

Because it's life.

We see it all the time right? 

There are so many times in by business I want to throw in the towel.  Things aren't happening, growing, creating, influencing fast enough.  Nothing seems to be working.  Or better yet, are these signs that I should just quit?

You may have heard,

"We over estimate what we can do in a year, but under estimate what can be done in 10 years."  

For some reason I have been reminded of this a lot the past two weeks.  

When we make the decision to do something, life will happen.  And sometimes, it's a lot. 

But when we make a decision to do something, is our decision or is it a "convenient one?"  Once we decide, it's the Universes job to test us to see what we're made of. 

My first world problem of going to NYC on a weekend that I was scheduled to have my kiddos was a huge hurdle. 

But I wanted it. 

I needed it. 

And for the love, I paid for it! 

But the hurdles kept coming... so I kept jumping.  And so did Amy.

We jumped hard!  And with that jumping, some amazing people showed up and moved out of the way so we both could experience this EPIC weekend. 

Y'all.  There is NOTHING like seeing a show on Broadway. 

And Hamilton. 

I have no words.  


Are you making your decisions conveniently? or with such conviction people look at you, realize you're serious and either show up or step out of your way?   

Do your decisions scare even you a little bit? 



Then you're really going for it!

Why?  How?

Because Nothing Epic came from Your Comfort Zone. 

SO Take that leap! 

Go for it.  Decide and Expect all the things.  Good, bad, and the " are you effin' kidding me!?" things. 

Take a deep breath and one step at a time. 

You'll get there... albeit, it might be the scenic route.  And when you "finally" get there - you know, cuz it's gonna take you longer then you thought - you'll have such a kick ass story to tell us that I'm already giddy to hear all about it! 

I'm so flippin' excited for you!  



PS.  Amy is a fabulous writer. If you care to be further inspired, check out her blog! 





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